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Blue Xin looked at Yao Yao,Laughing nodded,“Yao Yao,Hiwei,I think,Your life should never have a decent.,National live broadcast。”

Blue Xin refers to the camera on the big clothes button。
Lin Xiwei and Yao Yao were shocked about her.。
At this time,front desk,Everyone is shocked by this scene。
The previous people are surprised to watch the big screen。
Yun’an shallow and Yao Yaojing, such as death。
Qin Shu arrived on the face of blood。
Lin Zihui’s face only sees terrible anger。
Li Tingyuan has no breathing,Black in front of me。
Le Zhenxi、Fierce、Mu Qing、Dream, they laughed.,Smile very happy。
“Hahaha”The power chapter standing on the stage is laughing in the foreigner.。
Such inversion,Such a face,Just a big man。
He can’t help but sing songs.。
“It’s a good day today.,It’s hard to meet in a hundred years.,Oh, oh.”
Lu Haozheng standing on the side:“.”His assistant is too shameful.,Nothing。
“Oops,Mom Ye,I am a smile.,The face is cramping。”The Journey is not looking at Yan Yaojing and Yun’an。
“Cloud designer,裴 designer,Who is copying who plagiaries??”“裴 Designer, if you forget, I will help you recall it.,Why did you leave Jiangyou?,It is because your company plagiarizes our company’s work.,You will go abroad,I didn’t expect to go abroad, you still have no points.
,Also think about how to retaliate our lady?。”
“Ha ha.”Yourn,I can’t help but laugh.。
Le Zhenxi, can’t stand not far away:“.”
Lu Haocheng,“Allocate,Evidence we are ready,From my secretary Ou Jing, sent to various law enforcement departments。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished ,Turned and looked at the 100-person judges:“Allocate,Directors and the transactions of some people in the auditorium,We have mastered evidence,Now handed over to the association。”
Lu Hao Cheng took one outuTurn the journey。
JourneyuThe person in charge of the Association is going to the association。
Qin Book is followed by the right game,She is arrogant for many years.,I didn’t expect it to plant here.。
Such inversion,Let all people are stupid。
[Rely on,Truth,Be trapped again,This group’s group’s melon can’t eat,It’s too ugly to the last face.。]
[The two designers on the stage were too disgusting.,The results of others have achieved their glory,It’s a disgusting person]
[exactly,This kind of person is simply shame。]
[Yes,I just said.,Blue Xin is so kind,How can I do this??]
[Tie Ringyuan suddenly returned to China to disturb the financial market,It’s too hateful.,When you have money, you are arrogant.,When you have no money, come back to domestic fishing.,Also bloom,It’s too hateful.。]
[Bamboo,This is the trick of the rich people.。I have money, I am.。]
[Got,I’m okay again.,I’m okay again.,Very Lu Group。]
[Serious,Lu Haocheng has a major part of the money every year.,The facilities in our community are invested in the elderly.,The old uncle sang a mountain song every day,Moms dance square dance,Le is happy。]