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“eagle。Their situation can be handed over.。”

“let it go!Even if they see me,As long as I can’t fall,They can’t help me.。”
Fly to the location of the forest。
It is quite confident in the air。
And it believes,Be considered,Can you have it??
“Have seen it。The elephant really gave the person.。”
The nose sniffed:
“what is this?”
See the cultivation of elephants and foxes,Eagle:
“These two walks,Have milk is a mother。”
Lin raise his head after hearing the eagle,ask:
“Do you know each other?”
Fox said:
“That is the Eagle King。This sky belongs to it。”
Lin Yong saw the eagle constantly circulated,Immediately,It turned out to be a monitor。
Elephant complained:
“I usually be bullied by it.。This guy will fly,What is lacking。”
Lin ring:
“We continue to hurry。”
Elephants are also restored.,Continue to start to the forest。
Put forward,In an instant,A large number of trunks in front of the front。
The eagle on the top is still in a circle,From time to time, it is like laughing at a very common call.。
Lin ran is not intended to take care of it.,But I can bear it.。
Since I can’t help but,No need to endure。
Feet,The whole body is vacated。
“Your grandmother。I don’t bake you today.,You don’t know how the Ma Wang is a few eyes.。”
Elephant and fox lift the head,Wide-eyed,The greenery is staring at the forest。
The eagle saw Lin ringed up,It disdains,To say in the air,It recognizes the second,No one dares to recognize the first,Turning around the eyes of the forest。
I saw Lin responding.,Just escaped the attack。
Catch the opportunity to turn over the back of the eagle。
“Give me a quick release。”
Eagle after the eagle roar,Prepare to rotate the forest。
A sword who is paramitive is not politely inserted back to the eagle.。
Only one sword,I have to have the eagle’s half life.。
Forest foot stepped on it,Sword control direction,After the land。