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Crisp and pleasant flash sound,Next moment after the pig girl flashed,It is once again in this battlefield.。
and,Because there is no flash,Tammminated Tammminated。
Before the flash of the cloud,Xia’s figure has become incapacitated,Gently,Xia Cai handed over his own flash。
Realize this,And after the reaction。Tumm suddenly heard,There are countless fierce breaks in your own ear.。
Go see,A colorful Danxia, one of his own side.,Cut the air while,Also let the air in the air,More rich。
call out!
The position of the appearance after the flash,Let all people witnessed this wave of operation,I can’t help but somewhere。
Because she at this time,It is in front of the ice shot。
but……Change in the next moment,Let them be so surprised。
Because with the flash of the cloud,There is also the summoned summon,Colorful feathers flying flying towards her direction。
Danxia Huiyi,No number of feathers,Then I pass through the figure in front of Xia Xia.,And then entangled。
Cut the blood volume of the ice shot into the bottom of the valley,Also ban her on the spot。
baonAlso at this time back,EAfter the side of Xia,He directly fims towards the ice.。
The ice is hit by Xia’s barb.,Originally, I want to get rid of control.,But Luo returned,Also make him a little can’t help but。
next moment,Cold ice shooter, a ice crystal arrow。
but……Cold ice shot is all flatALater,Heart alarm。
Because,Just want to greed this flatA,Let the cold ice shot escape,Slightly slowly。
And at the same time,Xia has also handed over the treatment。
next moment,Cold ice shooter in flatAAfter the hand,Rapid。
but,Xia’s next hairAIt’s also at this time.。
CarryWPassive flatA,For visual effects,Very pleasing pleasure,Colorful feathers also fly out。
but……It is such a wonderful scene.,But contain the most strong murder。
The amount of blood before the ice shooter flashed has fallen into the bottom of the valley.,Another flatness in XiaALater,His blood volume has been low to caught in an instant.。
then,Another feather is wrapped around the body of the ice shot,Wrap her with a cold murder。
Injury numbers,The last smelt of the cold shooter,Also after this,It is completely emptied。
CloudWPassive,In flatALater,There will be a skill injury。
It is also this skill damage,The last smelt of the cold ice shooter,Be emptied by Xia。
Chapter 254 Gongbao has not eaten yet.
then,The crisis is still not fully released。
All, at this time,The status of pig girl and Tumm is so good enough,The control of the two is also disgusting enough。