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Step into the third floor hall of Yanyu Castle,The third floor hall is obviously a size smaller。But still hundreds of meters long and wide。It’s just that there are obviously fewer people in the hall。Wright can only see more than twenty people at a glance。

“Those counters are places to buy items!If the acquisition is Godhead、Artifact、Some common items,They are all purchased at 70% of the selling price。。。Of course some special materials can be bargained。”Linna leads the way,Wright and the three of them walked directly to the counter on the edge of the lobby。
A row of counters on the third floor of the lobby,White robe service staff are sitting at every counter,Wright and his party walked to a chubby young man with light gray hair。
“Are the four selling things or buying things??!”The chubby young man raised his head very enthusiastically and asked,“Show me what you sell,If you want to buy it, it’s on that side!”
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,Immediately turn over and take out a full fifteen upper godheads,Handed it to the fat youth:“It’s the Godhead first。”
“First??”The chubby youth gave four people a surprised look,At the same time,Start checking。
“Ok,no problem!Fifteen upper godheads,The purchase price of each upper godhead is 7 million source stones,A total of 150 million source stones!One thousand source stones equals one blood stone,So the total is。。。”The chubby youth checked it with some special equipment,Say so,Then waved,Throw out a full ten yuan in length and width,One centimeter thick blood-colored stone,It’s already fifty one-meter long,Stone strips of one centimeter in width。
Bloodstone,It is equivalent to a large source stone,Wright can also feel a stronger breath of life from it。
“All right,This deal is closed,Do you have anything else to sell?”The fat young man asked expectantly,Although these service personnel can’t draw a percentage from the goods bought and sold,But the annual income is related to the total amount of trading transactions,He naturally wants more transactions。
“Do you exchange currencies of other planes here”Wright asked softly。
“Currency of other planes?If it’s the material plane of currency!But if it’s the currency of other highest planes,,Like the ink stone of hell,Firestone of the Vulcan Plane,That’s ok。But currency exchange,Is consumed by frequency,No matter what the total,You have to charge 10,000 source stones at a time。Even if you exchange 10 thousand ink stones,You can only get one piece at most。”The chubby youth was a little surprised,He has never received a currency exchange customer before,Can’t help but guess whether these guests are from other high planes?The strong who can spend money to pass through the teleportation between planes,Strength will not be bad。
When the chubby young man is thinking inconspicuously,Wright waved his hand,The space more than ten meters in circumference is filled with inkstones from hell and underworld and ghost stones from the underworld.。
“!!!”Linna behind and the chubby youth in front of them have grown eyes,Even the few guests next to me are paying attention,So much fortune is too conspicuous。
Two waiters came to help,It took the three of them a lot of time to sort out this wealth。
“This gentleman,Your total is two billion five thousand four hundred twenty-one thousand seventy-two ink stones(Mingshi)!Do you want to redeem all!”