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“never mind,I didn’t see it.,lest……”

Shake your head,Prepare to re-put the disc in,But at this time,Face change,Rapid turn。
Summer cheeks have no expression,The five official lines are just hard, such as a knife。
at the same time,The kitchen door is pushed open,The Qinling is a hot roasting roast.。
She did not perceive the difference,Place a plate to the table,“I am the first time to give people a roast.。”
“what?Really,thanks,Old Qin,I am touched.。”Summer face is exaggerated。
“Do you think I will believe??”
Qinling is not good to cast a hygienic eye,“What is it?,Help me。”
“Ah,it is good,it is good,you go first,you go first。”Summer laughing。
Qinling 眉 蹙 蹙,Doubt。
With her understanding of summer,Can be confirmed,This guy is not strong。
“What’s wrong with you?”
“nothing,I am very good.,pretty good,Hehehe。”
Qinling is not a strong,“Ghost head,I thought I believe in you??”
“Will not。”
Summer livestock and shake head。
“Then what happened to you??”
Qinling is a bit unbel,Step along。
Summer face is a touch,“Old Qin,Don’t you come over?,Otherwise it will regret it。”
Qinling snort,Continue to come。
See this,Sighing in summer,Helpless。
Out of the box,Next to……Disc。
A piece of light disc is new,The beauty on the skin is more than one。
Summer face regret,Worder,“Old Qin,I often look at this thing will cause the pelvic cavity.,Easy to cause gynecological inflammation,And will have a serious heart to see,if,If you really need,Buddins don’t mind instead of those lipsticks……”
Qinling did not hear his words at all,When seeing those disc,A blank in the mind,Be a light strike。
Follow,The charming face was full of red clouds.。
this moment,She wants to die.。
“That is not mine.!”
I haven’t thought about it almost.,Her portable denial。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Not arguing,Just means that the deep long looks at Qinling,Attached,“Correct,I know is not yours.……”
“What is your eyes?,I will say it again.,not mine,Willow clear……That little man,Harm the old lady。”
Liu Qingqing?