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This dressing,There are no thousands of big rivers and lakes.。

“It is the Yin Yin Wang, which。”Murong Jiu really saw a wide range of knowledge,After all, even Zhao Quanhai can recognize it.,It can be seen in order to draw people in the rivers and lakes.,Murong 9 or seriously doing homework。
The reason why always failed,Just simple technology is not,Not working hard enough、Lack of preparation!
Murongjiu was hit by the shoulders,After the disappointment of avoiding two steps,There is no expression, I have seen it.……I always feel that the Chu Deirers seem to be in my heart.!
And Chu Deirers listened“Yin Yin Wang”name,Semihood——really,My eyes are still very accurate。
Several people standing behind two people,In the first time, he is ahead.,First eye……Naturally, I recognize the Chu Deirers.,Can’t help but be more alert。
But the Chu Deiren smiled,Look at the flowers。
What do these people do what they do??Really needed,But not me!
Sure enough, there is no lack of listening to the name of Yin Yin Wang.,I’m already frowning,at this time“ku”Put paper fan——This sound is a schematic,Indicates that you are not sneak attack。
The attention of several people after the two,Immediately put it on the flower,But I saw white shadow.,There is no shortage of flowers……
“And slow!”
This is a monk、There、Vulgar five,I am busy again.、Iron claw、It is also the block of knife guns.,But there is no flower,Passing directly from a few people’s siege。
Just listen to a mess,These people have stabbed me.、I caught you.,Comnthetic,There is no shortcomings, but it is 10,000“flower”Over,The leaves are not smashed.!
These are also a master with a name in the rivers and lakes.,The time is not surprised,Next moment? Flowerless figure,Already came to Yin Yinwang and the people in the mountains? Solidly dissipated during the inner strength? Even his clothes can’t blow。
These two are undoubtedly tight,After all, I am fighting.? If this is about this“Sneak attack”if,Be afraid……
“offend。”I saw a lot of money.? Then I reached out and directly grabbed two shoulder thoughts.。
The internal force in the expected, there is no appearance? It is just a shortage of shortcomings.? Silk turtle cracking under the foot!
As for the flow of flowers,At least there are at least two pins of special effects flashing……
After three people stalemate,There is no shortage of flowers,The two people are being forcibly separated? Both people are going backwards、Mouth angle? And just equivalent to a short of two people’s internal force,But there is no injury!
Chu Dee,The heart is also probably a number——Martial arts,It’s also bigger than two years ago.。
I want to think about it.? After all, the flower is no shortage of fourteen five,Terms of 167 now? I have been transferring the flower palace to the car.,Now come out for two years,Surperse is not over。
If Huang Laoxi is incomprehensible,Do you definitely don’t have anything about?,From taking it——Antoni age,Unless you get something,Otherwise, martial arts should have no more prominent opportunities.。
Shenshan stared at the flower and went out for a while,Touching again, I saw Murongjiu,After the test:“Shine?”
Chu Deiren heard,There is also the shoulder hit the hit Murong.:“He must feel that you are older.,So recognize that you are South Mandrene。”
Murong nine mouth shake,Don’t want to take care of him……
indeed,If there is no Murongjiu,Maybe they think it is“Fighting star shift”NS!
Everything knows,South Muro and Red White are too old,Just watching the age judgment,Murongjiu is South Murong,So this hand is“Shine”undoubtedly——after all“Moving a big move”Exquisite to the rivers and lakes。
Flower is like gold in the rivers and lakes,Also famous,Just the time before the rivers and lakes、Also in Jiangnan event,north、Sichuan’s rivers and lakes,He is not familiar with him.。
White Gongzi,Certainly there is no identification of the jar……
Shenshan see the flower,Slightly,Pack some old,Have some look at:“Thankhu Mon。”Just this door,Even if it is low,Also known as“Weon”。
Just, he and Yin Yin Wang were inner strength.,In fact, it is quite dangerous.,However, it is not to fight to the extent that you can’t open.,Just see the flowers are not good,It’s still dissatisfied to stare at Yin Yinwang.,Shenshan old and still wants to be outside.!