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The spirit of the air in his body,Around a star core,This force gradually extends,Diffusion in the void。

Suddenly let Sandao people tongue。
“you?”Santao people are stupid,Because he felt the breath of the breath and greedies in Lin Feng.。
Growing Wolf is not allowed to have an original ecological breath,And Lin Feng’s breath is one of them.。
“What is big?。”Lin Feng smiled and said,When he just took into this area,I found this secret.,Also further verified that his tremendous roads were correct。
Greedy is in nature is a star,Star nucleus,And there are countless nuclear fusion reactions on top。
“wipe,Boy,There are a few points,I am a little read you.,strangeness,Dao, I am also a man who knows more thanks.,But I have never seen your source of this gong.。”Sandao people。
“I said that,I am creating myself.,You are biased,All right,lead the way!”Lin Feng looked at the greedy:“Why don’t you have me?。”
“it is good,If you don’t have to take a Lingbao,go!”Santao people heard:“Directly rushing,Even so be careful,This time, there are many functions.。”
“This nature。”Lin Feng heard the words。
The figure of Lin Feng and Sandao people in Lin Feng and Sandao came to greedy,With the distance,Lin Feng’s feeling is getting stronger and more strong.,It’s like returning to your home.,The star core in his body can’t stand violence。
Countless airflow flows into Lin Feng’s body,He closed his eyes,Strong metastasis is like water waves。
This is a rare opportunity,He has a feeling,Just analyze the essence of this greedy star,Can completely understand this star realm。
Once you step into the star,The role of the evil moon is a slap in the palm of the palm.,Foot enough and half a long and short。
“Boy,Exuberant,The horrible figure is coming。”Sandao people suddenly:“Yuan Shen extends out no problem,As long as the airflow here is abnormal fluctuations,That’s big event。”
“it is good,I see。”Lin Feng heard the words,Immediately suppressed stars in the body。
The figure of the two people walked into the depths of greedies and walies disappeared.,Just when the two people have already disappeared,A terrible breath falls from the sky,This breath is hegemony,Directly smashed the area standing in the two people。
This void is blown,A burly man falls from the sky,Men’s black hair like a waterfall,Double eyes sharp cold,As the same size,This man is a strong man in the magic area。
His breath is better than the evil moon,The strong of Tianwang is strong enough to be a level,There is already the power of the saints between the feats.。
“Humble human,Actually dare to come here?”Men’s mouth with a trace of cruel。
This man is a strongman cliff in the magic river domain.。
“Magic cliff,Even if they come again again?You are afraid of this.。”A touch of sound in the sky。
“good,These two people are very deceitable,According to legend, Santao people come.。”Another voice sounded。
“Sandao people!”The magic cliff is a sinking:“His breath seems to have appeared here,I must grab this person.,Frustrate!”
The power between his strong Yuanshen spread this sky,It’s like a violent rain.,Thinking the shadow of the three German people,But it is not looking for it.。
His face changed iron green。
The two portraits have been coming out.,One person, white hair like snow,Tangible,Row,It is like a knife.,This person is a strong man in the ice,Divided under the cliff,Ice fire。
Another body shadow with a cruel,Burst of breath,This texture is interleaved on the face,Present a quirky color,Lacquer black,Ugly,It is a strong person in the people,Famous autumn lack。
The autumn lack of autumn and the ice god look forward to the laughter of a smile,It seems that I am very happy to see the magic cliff.。
“Humph!”The magic cliff will hear a voice:“Two this person is not removed,One day will be dug into the disabled domain and the ice。”
“Ha ha,I will definitely grasp the goddess.。”The autumn lack of words laughs and laughs:“let’s go,Brother!”
Ice gods 闻 言 直 directly and the folk autumn is short。
“Humph!”The magic cliff is cold and turned to the depths of greedy, and disappeared.。
With the magic tower,Autumn lack,Ice fire arrival,A strong strong appeared on the Growing Wolf,Halistan,Magic river domain,Ice,Halist,And half of the four big domains more than one。
The four major domains also have a fault battle,For example, the people have come to at least four half-level characters.,Four forces belonging to the inside of the residency,It is to compete for this congenital spiritual treasure that is about to be born.。
The wolf star is deep in a chaotic area, standing with the two, is Lin Feng and Sandao people.。
“wipe,24Half-level person。”Santedao people have a way:“strangeness,How does a three-run level of congenital Lingbao come so many experts??”