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Although the strength of the bald head,I want to kill themselves.,Not simple。

But because he is too strong.,A meal of ordinary boxing,The geeks basically blurred flesh and blood.。
There are many geeks here.,Some people can eat,Have some can’t eat,There are still some half to eat half can’t eat.。
Bright head,I can’t eat a flesh and blood.,Let him shoot,It is very likely that there is nothing.。
But the night is not the same.,High super sword in hand,He can accurately separate the part of the geeks can eat.,And precise cutting。
饕餮 饕餮 人 组,The geeks of the geeks are simply sad,A large number of geeks are treated under the knife into a bunch of ingredients。
Then, the crab geeks said he is a public.,And there is no crab yellow,But in the end, it is still difficult to escape.。
Some geeks said that there is still a small family.,I hope that the ferocious two people will set up their life.,But the fierce balun said,Can you tell someone?,He does not mind let a family reunion。
Because this is a sea ganglian,Like such high-end ingredients,The bald said that he has not eaten for a long time.。
The battle continued,Do not,This is no longer called it.,After a few minutes,A large number of geeks on the ground have disappeared,It became a bunch of high-grade ingredients。
A bunch of human strangers are like garbage general de abandoned,However, these geeks are still good.,At least a little dignified。
And those weirdo people in animal form,Then it was frozen into a huge iceberg.,According to the night,This is called ingredients。
And Qi Yu moved the iceberg in the expression of everyone.,Said to bring the trophy to take the trophy,So you have taken away by others.。
Although some people want to spit,This kind of thing is at all, no one wants,But see a vigilant look of the bald head,Everyone still chooses to break the mouth。
Looking at the behavior of the night with Qi Jade,Snowfish,His younger brother is better?,But in some respects,Really can’t look straight。
certainly,Like the dragon roll,Blowing snow thinks that your brother is perfect,The reason why it will become now,It is a pot of a bald head。
The battle of the ground is expected to be fast,And a thousand five hundred meters under the depths,There is no battle results yet.。
After negotiation,Most hero decides to go to the government,A small partial strengthALevel hero,Then prepare the geek association to the underground。
Monsters,SLevel heroes also have their respective opponents。
Atomic warrior pair the dragon geeks“Black sperm”,And this time his three disciples,Also follow the night, they came to the ground。
The upgrade of Jenos suffered the same upgrade versionG5robot,Both people fight in the aisle,Rapid burning。
After entering the monsters,Everyone also feels a heading,Three disciples of atom warrs,Night and blowing a group,Qi Yu one group。
At first, the night is not agreeing to blow the snow.,After all, the geeks of the monsters,Miscellaneous fish on the ground before,Just encounter one,All“Ghost”Level。
Although now blowing snow strength,But“Dragon geek”Self-insurance in a lot of geek associations,Still too difficult。
But the night makes the snow to stay in the ground.,The perfect blow is ignorant。
Dragon can suppress them,That’s because she is my sister.,That’s afraid of a Luoli,But the long sister is not reluctant to refute。
And the night is old,Basic no human rights,Although he said reasonable,But I don’t dare to block my sister.。
After entering the monsters,Night also received the first task of returning to this world。
main mission:As a hero of justice,In-depth anti-enemy camp,How can I not use it?,Kill the enemy’s leader of the killing of the enemy
award:Randomly extract three times,Hero points a thousand。
Reward Putong,But you can also understand,The reward of the main world is originally cold,And the geeks of Wang Big Snake,I am afraid that even the opponent is not enough.。
Chapter 681 Night war geek Wang Dab
The geeks of Wang Big Snake is“Monsters”Strongest,But in the night, it seems,The strength is more“Dragon-grade peak”Yet。
The strength of the monsters,It is definitely not as good as Poros,It is not an opponent of the dragon volume.,After all, it is Siyu“Ordinary punch”Topped role。
Dragon-level peak strength,Maybe for the previous night,Can also be an opponent,But for him now,I really can’t even have the opponent.。
Dragon-level peaks have strong weaknesses,Poss and dragons,Already infinite approach“God level”Level。
And the big snake is now in“Monsters”top,But compared to both,Still not enough。
After the Syx,The strength may be unlimited“God level”,Even Poros,But now he is in a normal state,How much is it true that the midst of the ground in the night?。
Fragmentation,It is different from the collision of the collision.,Night can pass“gas”To distinguish what weirdo specific location。
Although those dragon-grade geeks are very strange,But looking for the strongest always true。