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“no problem。”

Summer is very happy to nod。
This sentence,The fat man stands up.,Face。
Confused,After one,Now。
only,Summer next sentence,But let the left hall have a stiffness,Overcast。
“Pay first,Underdeveloped,One million。”Summer bowed in the hand in the hand,Long,“Mr. Zuo is a guest or。”
One million?
Request or do?
Following the people of Zura, don’t know the details,I can’t react at a time.,Unknown。
“Mr. Xia,Are you joking?Your behavior is crime!”
Zo Hut stared tightly in the summer,Trying to see what is seen from his face。
But let him down is,In front of youth’s face,In addition to being ignored,No other expression。
“Left Mr.,You are talking to me?”
Zuo Huti frown crumpled,“What is it?!Moreover,I am telling the truth。”
“it is good,Then let’s talk about it.。”
There is no angry in the face of summer.,Refers to the direction of the bar,“It is already 12:15 in the morning,The store has already been hung up.,You tell me,What do you have to bring a big gang??”
Zo Hutong’s face,Lower consciousness,“I am arrested the traitor of my three education。”
“Who do you argue with me?,I will ask you.,What qualifications do you have?,This is your home?I am you?”
Some people can’t read it.。
The sound is derived from Liu Qingqing。
Why,Since understanding the summer,Liu Qingqing’s life has changed the earth-shaking change,It’s even a few times.。
But it has never been like this,Outstanding stimulation。
Several people are waiting in line,Supreme,I want to laugh again and dare not。
People are so,They were extracted by one million,Already,Now see people who are more unlucky than they have,Just hurt。
The key is that the guy’s mouth is too thin.。
Do not,It is no longer possible to describe,It is also to poison,Can make life for life。
The face of the left hall suddenly became a white color.,The anger in the heart is straight。
Summer,He knows not much。
But he is not idiot,The other person killed three people’s people,How can it be a simple person?。
I have done a few deep breathing continuously.,Forced pressure,“it is good,One million will be one million,But I have no money on my body.,Can you”