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“up to you。”Wang Yi said。

Bought food at a nearby restaurant,Then I bought some bread and mineral water in the convenience store。these things,Enough for one person for four or five days。
Carrying things,Went back to her home。
Had a meal with her。
“I am leaving。”I said。
“When will you come next time?”Wang Yi looked at me pitifully。
I shook my head,“Watch the time。”
I don’t want to come once,Hesitated,I still suggest,“Why don’t you let your parents take care of you?,A hundred days of injury,You can’t do it alone。”
Wang Yi gritted his teeth,“Ok,You don’t care about me。”
Just to my liking,I just don’t want to control her。
Out of Wang Yi’s home,I received a call from Niu Jianfeng。
For this time,got a call,I’m still very surprised。
To know,Wounds on Wang Yi,It is very likely that Niu Jianfeng did it。
If that’s the case,I seem to be standing now,The opposite of old friends。