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She frowned and looked at me,Then said,“Damn,I swear before,Can’t talk nonsense,If nonsense,So I won’t be able to marry forever!”

I looked at her with a smile on my face,In my mind,What excuses。
Swear this kind of thing,You can also believe?
The three-year-old didn’t believe it,Really treat me as a fool。
Shimeng seems to know,This does not make sense。
“Damn,do not care,Let me tell you。”Shi Meng said,“My dad is actually a director of the Yao Group,Just a small share,Before i came to the company,My dad asked me to establish a foothold in the company by my own ability,Never let me tell my true identity。”
“Why can’t you tell others?”I asked with a smile。
in fact,I can also guess,Shimeng looks good,Slim sexy,Face is pretty。
If she reveals her true identity,I don’t know how many unsuspecting young men pursue her。
In case of being unfair,Very likely to suffer。
Even so,She still has many suitors。
but,Shimeng seems not very interested in them。
“Others know my identity,Would definitely treat me differently,Have a bad influence。”Shi Meng said。
After a long time,Shi Meng said again,“Master,You can’t tell others?”
I shook my head,“Will not。”
right now,I probably know why Yao Yun said,Win An’s Trading,It’s Shimeng’s credit。
She wants to take this opportunity,Win poems。
if so,I can understand Yao Yun’s approach。
Although I can help Yao Yun,but,I can settle it with money。