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How come no one!

kitchen,There is no one in the bathroom。
I walked down to the sofa and sat down。
Is it,Zhou Rui went to Uncle Wu’s house tonight?
I take out my phone,Adjusted to watch the video of Uncle Wu’s house。
Uncle Wu’s house is no one today。
Where did Zhou Rui go??
I am very puzzled,Did she travel with Uncle Wu??
Thought of here,I ran back to the master bedroom,Open the closet。
Zhou Rui doesn’t have many clothes,But it’s not missing one,I can know。
Turn around and go to the guest bedroom,Found her suitcase still。
this means,Zhou Rui shouldn’t travel。
that,If i eat,It’s really Uncle Wu,And Zhou Rui didn’t travel with him,Then the problem is coming。
Can this explain,Except for Uncle Wu, Zhou Rui,There are other men!