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Lu Yong said regretfully to Lei Luojing:“Ugh!I was really caught by Lu Guan,I should first go to the City Lord’s Mansion to report the true cultivation base。”

“So what?”Lei Luojing didn’t worry at all,The whole Dongtian blessed land is her father’s place,Of course she will be calm。
“Do not report the true cultivation base,Equivalent to treason。”Lu Yong quietly wiped the cold sweat and said。
“Nothing,I’m here。”Lei Luojing comforted a word,Then said:“Your sister must be pretty?”
“of course,Lu Qi is my pride。”
Rolled his eyes,Lei Luojing said angrily:“That’s the pride of your parents, OK??”
Lu Yong scratched his head,Smiling,No excuse,Later, Lei Luojing knew,Lu Qi can survive,It’s really the result of Lu Yong’s hard work,Because when I was young,Lu Qi was seriously ill,If it’s not the result of my brother Lu Yong’s hard work,,Lu Qi is dead,therefore,Lu Yong’s words are not to put gold on his face,But tell the truth。
The slapstick outside has already alarmed the people in the house,Lu Yong’s mother and sister Lu Qi are out,They care if there is anything wrong with Lu Yong,Come forward and ask for warmth,Watching this scene,Lei Luojing feels strange affection,She has lived well since she was a child,But few people really care,Brother and sister just guarantee her personal safety,But I don’t have the care from the bottom of my heart.,Even if you know that Lu Yong is fine,Also expresses the thoughts of worry and fear。
Lei Luojing doesn’t care about Lu Qi’s beautiful face,She immersed herself in her memory,Relatively speaking,Lei Luojing admires Lu Yong very much,Regardless of poverty or status,At least no shortage of family affection,She is different,Since the age of three, he left his parents to be independent,Faced with national events,One sentence can cause serious consequences for thousands of heads to the ground,Such an important matter requires a child to make a temporary decision,No one seems to care about Lei Luojing’s age。
Such a state is a cruel force to Lei Luojing,It’s duty to do the job right,Wrong is guilt,Need to take on leadership responsibilities。
Lei Luojing is unwilling to take these responsibilities,It’s the same when I came to Dongtianfudi,Unwilling to face the problem of right and wrong,This is the main reason she ran away from home alone,It’s not that I don’t love my parents anymore,It’s not that I was beaten or scolded,In fact, Emperor Lei never beat or scolded his children,This is an event that Lei Tianzi can be proud of for a lifetime,Although he has many children,Every child is his treasure,Reluctant to beat and scold。
Just when Lei Luojing thought of these useful and useless distracting thoughts,Suddenly a group of people flew from a distance,You can guess it without counting,There are about hundreds of thousands of people in this group。
Lei Luojing sneered secretly,Immediately send a jade slip message to his father Lei Tianzi,The content is only two words:“Help。”
Others don’t know,The Lei family has a family rule:“If a family member asks for help before encountering an enemy,Rescue,If this member clearly has time to ask for help but does not send a message,Deserve it。”
For example, the last time the move was in distress,Pingqian is actually a powerhouse capable of destroying the Red Brocade Beast,But this Pingqian is terribly stupid,Did not ask for help in the first time,Also captured by the Red Brocade Beast of the same cultivation level。
Emperor Lei has no face to save this son-in-law,Finally, I was worried that Lei Yuanyuan loved her husband,Then Xu Na was sent to save people。
At this moment,Lei Luojing doesn’t know who the person is,How strong is it,I quickly sent a jade slip message to my father,This is the standard official second generation’s careful approach。
Every time you encounter danger,Save your life first is the most important thing,Those who go forward indiscriminately and desperately are undoubtedly not enough to cherish their lives,That kind of behavior is strictly forbidden in Lei’s family,No one understands better than Lei Tianzi:Just live,Everything is possible,People are dead,Whether it is vigorous or as light as a feather,Are very stupid results。
The visitor is Lu Guanzhen and a group of people from the City Lord’s Mansion。
People haven’t arrived yet,Guanzhen Lu shouted:“Lord Santo,That man is Lu Yong,His cultivation level has clearly reached the infantile stage,But didn’t report to you,It is clearly malicious,Decree to disrespect Lord Santo,Such a person killed,No need to ask。”