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Leaving the Alien House,Tianzi Lei and the second woman agreed on the details of selling mountain bikes,Turn around, set up a stall and sell cars in an open space in the Jiuyi Town。

Lei Tianzi as a model,Riding a mountain bike to accelerate and stand upright from time to time、stroll、Flying with one hand to push the thrilling action of walking on the seat,Let people see more functions of mountain bikes,Not just a transportation tool,Still a kind of fun toy。
Qiao Huiru、Liu Tang watch the stall,There are more than a dozen mountain bikes around,Because mountain bikes are a novelty,It attracted a lot of immortal cultivators to watch,These people have no habit of applauding,Look on the sidelines for a while,Many people have asked about the price of mountain bikes,Then secretly traded with Qiao Huiru’s second daughter,Others don’t understand even if they stand aside and watch for a month,Want to know the details can only get information through voice transmission。
Soon,Qiao Huiru continues to take out the mountain bike from Xuna Space,Liu Tang takes the money and pays the goods,The cultivator who bought a mountain bike changed hands and put the bike into the Xuna space,End of transaction,Leave。
When eating at noon,Asked by Lei Tianzi,I realized that I sold two thousand mountain bikes in the morning,Many immortals buy more than one,But dozens、Hundreds of large acquisitions,The most immortal cultivator bought a thousand at a time。
On Earth,The price of a mountain bike is about 10,000 yuan,Lei Tianzi sells bicycles for 10,000 spirit crystals on the ancient continent,No change from the value,But the gold content of Lingjing is too high,That’s a currency used on a large scale,Banknotes not used on earth。
If measured by gold,A piece of spirit crystal can be exchanged for ten catties of gold,Convert,A mountain bike is equivalent to one hundred thousand catties of gold,Almost equivalent to fifty tons。
So it seems,Lei Tianzi’s business is simply huge profits,But he doesn’t want gold either,Collecting the spirit crystal changer is the ultimate goal。
Chapter Twenty Five The best magic weapon
Three days later,The mountain bikes brought in sold out,The business house in the city sent people to observe for a long time,Sneer at this mountain bike that is not a magic weapon,They didn’t stop,There is no conflict between the mountain bike and the magic weapon business。
After the mountain bike in hand is sold out,The guy in the Alien House appeared grinning,He arched his hands to Lei Tianzi:“Thunder son,My shopkeeper would you like。”
The shopkeeper in Alien House is very awesome,Tianzi Lei asked to see him several times but was refused,did not expect,The hot selling mountain bikes lead people out。