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Although I was lucky,But after Yang Pingfan said,Two people are still eclipsed。

Yang Pingfan looked at the two people,Smile in my heart,Added:“But Ben Xian did not directly escort the prince back to Beijing,Root out the treacherous,But escorted him here,You know why?”
Sun Xiu’s eyes lit up,Simalun is still ignorant,Immersed in disappointment。
“Please also express!”
“Immortals are not pedantic,The emperor of the world,Virtuous,got it?”
Sun Xiu understood Yang Pingfan’s suggestion,Get excited,“Zhao Wang Simalun,Be kind,Guang Shi Ende,Host country,Take in 100,000 migrants,Share land,Can be regarded as the most kind person in the past?”
First295chapter Cow and sheep
Yang Pingfan stroked the non-existent beard on his chin,Pretend to ask casually:“Zhao Wang’s fief in Hebei,China Land,Took in so many nonsense,Where is the original Han??”
Sun Xiu hurried to Yang Pingfan’s side,Respectful,“This one,Daxian knows something,The Yellow Turban Uprising since the end of Han Dynasty a hundred years ago,Liu loses his authority,The world is fighting endlessly,After that, it passed the world three points,Attack each other,Displaced people,A lot of damage。
Although Emperor Xuanzong Wu of this dynasty cultivated health,Kuo Qing Yu Nei,Chengping is still shallow after all,The vitality of the Han people is still not enough,Many fertile land is abandoned everywhere,No farming,The land of the northern grasslands,The climate is getting bitter and cold,It’s hard to grow,Livestock hard to live,Therefore, Hu people have moved inward,Admire the majesty of the country,Willing to serve the people,We can’t refuse。”
“Oh?Then they enter the Central Plains,After the land is allocated,Are you farming as honestly as the Han??”
Sun Xiu looks embarrassed,“This one,Barbarian nature is hard to change,Stupid,Can’t learn farming,Still dominated by grazing。”
Yang Pingfan scolded after hearing this:“Confused,‘Non-self race,His heart must be different。’Chu Although Da,Non-family,I’m so willing?Haven’t you learned this,Great China Central Plains,Actually used for Hu people to graze?Haven’t you thought about enlightenment??”
“Daxian Moqi,”
Sun Xiu sweats profusely,Said in a hurry:“My prince also has guard against this,Daily conflict,Always protect the Han people,Hu Ren sturdy,So many young men are enlisted in the army,I believe Daxian saw it too,Zhao Wang Junzhong,Hu Han,Just to prevent the bully。”
“Ruohu people have two hearts,Stand on your own,What to do?”