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“Ok,Then don’t bother her,I want to make alchemy。”Tianzi Lei just understood《Shocking》The essence of,I just want to use it to practice hands,As long as you can refine the Xianxia Pill that is higher than the elixir,He not only has a large income,You can also make friends with those powerful kings through Xianxia Dan。

Tianzi Lei has a medicine garden in his fairy space,Usually specialize in plant fairy management,Because these plant fairies have not yet reached the fertilization period,It usually looks the same as a plant,When coming up from the lower realm, it was treated as an ordinary plant and passed the inspection,Plant fairies are not good at fighting and fighting,Management elixir has a unique skill,Won the trust of Emperor Lei。
He made a long list,Let the sergeant take the list and ask for the elixir。
Soon,The sergeant gave a virtual space to Lei Tianzi to return,Lei Tianzizi carefully counted these valuable fairy medicines,with《Shocking》The feature description inside is confirmed,Divide the fairy medicine into ten parts。
Took a bath, burned incense and ate some spiritual fruit,Adjust mental and physical strength to the best condition,Lei Tianzi started to refine alchemy,He stared at the pill furnace completely,The flame of divine consciousness keeps burning a high pill furnace,Wan Qiong、Two female fairies Wan Wan feed him the gold,Increase the power consumption of divine consciousness。
Five hours later,Wan Qiong smelled a scent,Only a scent of fragrance enters the nose and spreads throughout the body,She feels drunk,Very comfortable,Can’t help but say:“grown ups,Dan became。”
“It will take a while,Consolidating pills。”Lei Tianzi who stared at the pill furnace said smoothly。
Wan Qiong glanced at his sister Wan Wan,Chuanyin said:“Adults have great skills,strong ability,Don’t you have any thoughts?”
“What idea?It’s good for adults to be strong,We are safer。”Wan Wan is relatively simple,Not as complicated as my sister thought。
“You are a fool。”Wan Qiong couldn’t help cursing,They were rescued by Lei Tianzi from Tongfang’s space,Always be a maid by Qian Qianqin,He’s over 200 years old now。
Wait another half an hour,I suddenly heard the sergeant shouting outside:“Robbery。”
“Dan became,You spread out。”Emperor Lei said to Wanqiong Wanwan,Drive out the two maids,So as not to be hurt by thunder。
Lei Tianzi then transmitted the alert of the sergeants around,This is his fairy space,Not afraid of being disturbed,I’m afraid that someone who doesn’t know the truth will come in by mistake and be affected by the thunder,Any Thunder Tribulation is not a joke,There are countless immortal cultivators who die under thunder disaster every year,The death rate is about ten times higher than the war,Generally speaking,Dead under the thunder is called“Natural elimination”,Within a reasonable range。
Xianxiadan is too defying,Dancheng will cause thunder,The harm to people is relatively minor,Lei Tianzi can’t help but guard,He stared at the sky,Dan furnace has been opened,Five pills with dazzling halo lie quietly inside,I don’t know what the shape of the medicine is.,Halo covering。
“Snapped——Rumbling——”A white robbery thunder suddenly fell from the sky,Hit five pills,The dazzling halo on the pill suddenly dimmed,this moment,Tianzi Lei finally sees clearly,Xianxiadan turned out to be purple,according to《Shocking》Introduction inside,Xianxia Dan divided into powder、red、Purple three colors,Pink has the lowest level,Purple is best。
Lei Tianzi’s heart was secretly excited,He made Xianxia Dan for the first time,Unexpectedly, it became the most advanced pill,Xianxiadan is very valuable,The difference between the first-class quality has a world difference in price,For example, a pink Xianxia Dan is worth fifty trillion crystals,A red Xianxia Dan can be worth five trillion,And the purple Xianxia Dan can sell at least five trillion crystals。
The value of the pill that is refined from the same amount of immortal medicine is different,It depends on the skill level of the alchemist,An advanced alchemist is equivalent to an inexhaustible golden mountain and silver mountain。
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