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The asteroid burns violently in the dense atmosphere,Began to peel off the skin layer by layer like an onion,But it’s too big,When it falls from a high altitude to the ground,The subject remains intact,Like a huge burning iron ball,Hit a shallow sea hard。

At that moment,End of Cretaceous,The beginning of the Paleogene。
The diameter of this asteroid is not smaller than9.6km,Within two minutes of hitting the ground,It made a deep contract29Kilometer crater,And threw it into the air25Trillion tons of debris。
Imagine a pebble falling into a pond and splashing water,And then enlarge it to the scale of the earth。
The huge kinetic energy of the asteroid even bends the crust,Subsequently,Deformed crust rebound,A mountain higher than Everest rises briefly。
The energy released by the impact exceeds10Billion Hiroshima atomic bombs。
But this impact is different from a nuclear bomb after all,Without the latter’s iconic mushroom cloud,The initial burst formed a“Cock tail”,This is a huge jet of molten material,It rushes out of the atmosphere,These substances were then scattered around the world under the blow of the stratosphere,No matter what the dragon man is doing,I found that the sky is several times brighter than before,There was a meteorite shower on the sparse sky。
The temperature of the mass of falling material is several times higher than the surface of the sun,will1600Everything within a kilometer is lit,The dragons and buildings within this range were quickly engulfed by the sea of fire。
Solid concrete turns into powder,After melting, the gravel and pebbles re-solidified into purple glass balls,Trees turn into coke,Whether it’s a dragon or another creature,All turned to ashes,The shadows of people and objects are printed on the ground and remaining walls……Even if you hide in a solid underground shelter,I can’t escape death’s butcher knife。
at the same time,A terrible shock wave centered on the point of impact,Rampage,In an instant, most of the buildings in front of him were overturned。
Within a few seconds,Trees on the streets and thousands of citizens who had no time to hide in shelters,Was scorched by this extremely dry and hot Foehn wind,Many people were burned to death immediately,There are many half-dead people rolling on the ground,Screaming in pain。
The high temperature is engulfed by the shock wave,The dragon men who survived the shock wave hadn’t had time to breathe,I had to face the high temperature and heat wave and ignited the fire——