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Taking advantage of Pang Duoer’s half-drunk state,Lei Tianzi slowly touched her cheek,Then send a deep kiss,Pang Duoer also has physical needs,I was so excited by him,Hug backhand,Two people got together。

afterwards,Pang Duoer is very happy,Stop visiting the Yaozu side,Often holding Lei Tianzi and not letting go,In this way, Diabolo Xueer was left out,She vented her anger on Lei Tianzi,Often ask for,Let Lei Tianzi have an idea of cocooning himself,I had to cheer up and go all out to satisfy the two demon female fairies。
Fortunately, the painful and happy days are not long,Two months later,Suddenly a masterpiece of Xianle appears on the mountain peak that connects with the world,The brilliance rolls down the hillside like mist,Then a corner of a magnificent palace appeared,As time goes by,The exposed area of the palace is getting bigger and bigger。
Lei Tianzi who got the news observed the palace attentively,Look at the architectural style belongs to the ancient times,The whole body is mainly made of woody fairy material,That is, the wooden fairy body made the building materials,This type of material is dense,Trillions of years do not change their appearance and color do not rot,But the price to pay is also very high,Most of them are wood demon cultivators below the level of infancy,In the eyes of the human race, it’s nothing serious,Anyway, the demon cultivator will grow up to eat meat for the human、Make materials,In the eyes of the Yaozu, it is equivalent to killing chickens and eggs,If things go on like this, it will damage the future of the Yaozu。
Lei Tianzi scanned the demon cultivator’s side with his spiritual knowledge,Found these people showing ecstatic expressions,No one cares about building materials or anything,They just want to get the treasure in the palace。
Lei Tianzi said softly to Pang Duoer:“This time you have to listen to me,Don’t act without authorization。”
“I listen to you everything,I’ll give you whatever pose you say。”Pang Duoer gently twisted her thin waist,Little butt bulging,Tianzi Lei couldn’t help but take another look。
“Goblin。”Diabolo Cher’s heart is acidic,Scolded a word,Such words can’t scold Pang Duoer,Diabolo Cher is also a fairy。
Got the guarantee from Pondol,Lei Tianzi is at ease,After stabilizing one’s own internal,Focus on those demon cultivators,When the palace shines,Like a little sun,Those cultivators jumped up and flew,Rushing towards the palace。
Lei Tianzi shouted:“go。”
Pang Duoer and several female fairies followed closely,Flying towards the palace。
Before the body arrives,Lei Tianzi’s glazed divine consciousness has already entered the palace first,The glazed divine consciousness merges with the brilliance released by the palace,Others can’t find it temporarily,Everyone is surrounded by dazzling brilliance,It’s not clear whether it is the glazed divine consciousness or the brilliance released by the palace itself。
After Liuli Divine Sense violently collided with a wave of light,Tianzi Lei immediately realized that the palace was also a trap,He endured the pain from the sea of knowledge and spoke to Pang Duoer.:“slower,slower,I don’t think it’s so wonderful。”
“No matter how slow you are, you will be ahead of others。”Xiao Xiao is more ambitious,People are also greedy for money,Two green eyes became bloodshot and red。
According to the people on earth,This is called pink eye,It means that you don’t see others taking advantage of yourself,If others take the lead, it will ignite a raging fire of jealousy。
Lei Tianzi shook his head secretly:“Xiao Xiao is also helpless,Trade life for baby,Just give you the baby of the whole world?Still lifeless to enjoy?”
He grabbed Xiao Xiao’s arm,Xiao Xiao, who didn’t know the truth, made a few strokes and didn’t get out of his clutches.,Had to slow down。
“You don’t want to die?I said it was dangerous。”Tianzi Lei turned his head and gave Xiao Xiao a fist,Xiao Xiao’s eyes were black and purple,Tears streaming down。
Xiao Xiao who was so embarrassed was about to hit him back,But was held down by Pang Duoer,Xiao Xiao, with a low level, suddenly felt that her whole body could not move,Panicked,Pang Duoer whispered:“Take your underwear off and hold it for me。”