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“Then go see。”Lei Tianzi is not too afraid of the strong in the realm of real immortality,He has several assassins that specialize in dealing with the strong。

At the door of the Diabolo family,Xiao Xiao walked in,The demon cultivator who guards the gate not only does not stop,Bow(shēn)salute,Lei Tianzi pay attention to observation,I saw Xiao Xiao’s right hand making a strange gesture,index finger、Middle finger、Ring finger up,Thumb and little finger buckled together。
This gesture must represent Xiao Xiao’s(shēn)Share,He secretly communicated to a guardian,And give a generous gift,The guardian told Lei Tianzi because the gift was not light:“This lady is a descendant of Tibetan Songshan,(shēn)Very noble。”
Lei Tianzi ask again,The guard turned(shēn)go away,Refused to disclose more information。
Lei Tianzi squinted at Xiao Xiao,Thought:“You are the descendant of Tibetan Songshan?Think i don’t know?cut,I’ll buy some about Zang Songshan(qíng)Report,I’m not afraid that you hide your head and show your tail and pretend to be mysterious。”
Go on an adventure with Xiao Xiao,Lei Tianzi has to investigate her clearly,Otherwise, I’m not assured。
The reception for Xiao Xiao and others was an old man from the Diabolo family,Diabolo Feather,Is the realm of an immortal god,Sitting on the futon(shēn)Exude the coercion of the strong,obviously,This strong man wants to give Lei Tianzi a disarm。
Accompanying the diabolo feather is a half-faced female fairy,(shēn)Slender,A pair of eyes twinkling,It’s the realm of a powerful man,It seems that he is also a cultivator in the Diabolo family。
Sit down separately,Xiao Xiao asked Diabolo Yu Chuanyin about the inheritance of the Wu clan。
Unexpectedly, Diabolo Feather doesn’t know what the inheritance of the Wu clan is.,Xiao Xiao turned to ask Lei Tianzi:“Lord Thor King,Do you know the inheritance of the witch race?If you don’t know it before you,I can’t help you。”
“Do not worry,I still know the inheritance of the Witch Clan,In fact, the witches don’t pay much attention to refining skills,The most powerful heritage is also the level of the ultimate magic weapon,Not a valuable item。”Lei Tianzi replied calmly。
“Then go find it in the treasure house of the Diabolo family。”Xiao Xiao said very aggressively。
Hear this answer,Lei Tianzi’s heart is also anxious,The treasure house of any family sect is a secret,Will not let people get secrets easily,Even the core members of the family might not have the opportunity to enter。
Xiao Xiao discussed with Diabolo Yu,It really took a long time,Diabolo Feather barely agreed,Xiao Xiao gave a message to Emperor Lei:“The Diabolo family asked Diabolo Cher to follow us into the Tomb of Oblivion。”
“Then you must have revealed our secret。”Lei Tianzi said dissatisfied,One more person to enter means one more baby,It’s like stealing money from Lei Tianzi’s pocket。
“cut,I am not here to provide your secret?”
“Then why don’t you go in by yourself?”