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Guangdong Women’s Troupe again defended 2021 National Gymnastics Championship Championship

  Xinhua News Agency, March 5 (Reporter Lu Yu Chen, Shen Nan, Niu Meng) defending Champion Guangdong team 5 days with total score divided into 2021 National Gymnastics Championships and Tokyo Olympic Games Selection, the 14th National Games Gymnastics Qualification Women’s champion.

  The Chinese gymnastics women’s team is divided into four groups.

Liu Tingting, Guan Chen Chen, Ou Yushan, Li Shijia, Luo Rui representatives of their respective teams, forming a group of countries, with the group of two groups such as Tang Yujing, Qi Qi, Wei Yuyuan and other countries.

  In the end, the Beijing Gymnastics Team and the Zhejiang Gymnastics team got the runner-up and the quarterly army. The men’s all-round finals will be conducted on the 6th. Due to the condition of injury and status adjustment, Liu Tingting did not participate in the whole energy competition. Only the high and low bar; teammates Chen Yili recently resumed system training, this time is not full of four; Ou Yishan is fighting with old injuries, system training Best, this competition is to do our best to do every set of movements, continue to control the injury, and strive to invest in the Olympics. "In fact, I have encountered a little difficult tonight, but everyone is going to work together to work together to win the group, and I can get a champion." Liu Tingting said. The balanced wood project to be taken into a group of "blocking the road", Luo Rui, Jinchen and Ou Yishan have emerged.

After the second round of freelance, Ou Yushan’s horses fell to stand firm.

It is good to be adjusted, and her last level is successfully completed.

  After the Ou Yushan, he frankly, the preliminaries have to be poor training. Because there is no game for a long time, there is very little training in the family. It is not very stable on the balanced wood. There have been no problems in the usual training. "This game discovered the problem, and then I will focus on it.

"Ou Yishan said with red. And the host player Li Shijia said that last year was only one after the injury, he was very happy this year.

  "(The Tokyo Olympics is now gone), it is possible to half, and then half of the next, but also let me go up." Li Shijia said with the expectation of the Tokyo Olympic Games. She said that it is very satisfied with their preliminaries and makes themselves more confident to the next event. "I have 8 points to myself, and the remaining two points are given the horses, and they can improve some." Li Shijia said. The group competition of this event takes 6-5-4 competition system (that is, each team is registered, up to 6 people, 4 best results), pre-competition decision group name, and personal all-round finals and single finals Participation.

In addition, obtain 12 sports teams in the group, 24 athletes before the individual and the top eight athletes, will be qualified to participate in the 14th National Games Gymnastics Finals.