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"Zhou Professor" hosted the Northern Bureau in Huixingde Garment Bureau

The owner of the Huixing Demoe is called Wang Hui, born in 1910, died in 1995.

At the beginning of the 1930s, he opened a tailor shop in No. 19, Longtai, named "Huixingde Casting Bureau", specializing in Chinese costumes.

In the spring of 1936, Comrade Liu Shaoqi was appointed by the Party Central Committee to Tianjin and served as the Secretary of the Communist Party of China.After Comrade Shaoqi arrived in Jin, the "Zhou Professor" "Zhou Professor" was in the "Huixingde Entry Board", and he hosted the Northern Bureau until the spring of 1937 left Tianjin.

In this year, Wang Hui and Liu Shaoqi have a very harmonious, often sent to boiling water for Liu Shaoqi for early days.When Liu Shaoqi left the capital, Wang Hui gave him a Chinese robes. Liu Shaoqi returned two wooden chairs.After the liberation, Wang Hui donated these two wooden chairs to the country. It is now precious cultural relics in Liu Shaoqi in the revolutionary activities, saved in the National Museum.(Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.