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"Submarine"! Underwater 10,000 meters

  "Wu" full sea AUV performs underwater independent homework.

  Sanya Cliff State Bay Science and Technology City came to Jiayin: Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Harbin University of Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, etc., in the park, in "Explore No. 1" 21st Department of Testa China Second Section In the middle, relying on the whole sea, the whole sea, the total number of dive people "Strugglers", 6 times, 6 times, 6 times, and create human beings for the first time to arrive at 8919 meters abyss bottom of Yipo Haugou, "" "进 进 万 深海, the deep abasury test is full.

  Among them, the science test team members of Hainan Tropical Ocean have successfully break through the rice and rice water depth. Song Taoran, an officer Song Taoran, a deputy research member of the School of Ocean Science and Technology, has become the 8th and the world’s 8th female scientific and technicians who completed the mid-to-mid-go tasks. Take precious meter abyss rocks, sediments, seawater and biological samples and geophysical data.

  Director Xiao Xiangban, the Director of the Department of Life, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the professor of Xiao Xiangban, the four-person team of Xiaoheko test team, with "Strugglers", and successfully completed 8 minus work tasks, 1 The people dive to Yakangou 8919 meters deep, this is the deepest place of human beings to dive to Yipangou; 2 people dive to Mariana Huggou "Challengers" Million Water, collect and deal with more than 200 The precious abyss samples of sites, measuring a series of environmental parameters, providing precious materials and valuable data for the study of the abyss ecosystem.

  "We found the deepest place in Yipu Huggou, which is by no means the ban on life, and it is also possible to see human activities to the ocean’s most influence. Subsequent we will answer biodiversity, life origin and boundary, climate change in combination with laboratory simulation culture. Major scientific issues such as pollutant degradation. "Xiao Xiang said. Harbin University of Engineering "All-Sea Deli Decrection AUV Key Technology" project team brings "Wukong No." full sea AUV, complete 4 times over 10,000 meters deep dive –10009 meters, 10888 meters, 10872 meters and 10896 Rice, refresh the depth record, and successfully complete the sea test. When the "Wu Size" dive to the millimeter water underwater, the busbat offlines 11 kilometers and no longer for any monitoring of "Wukong No.", issues any instructions, "Awareness" still can complete all work tasks. It shows that it has the ability to self-work without the need for manerier accompanying, support, and independently swimming. Zhejiang University science test team members took the "Strugglers" to complete the dive operation, Wu Tao researcher as a geological group scientist, mainly responsible for the "challenger abyss" to the deepest geological situation survey, key sample collection, etc.

"We measure a series of in-situ environmental parameters in the world, collect a large number of precious abyss rocks, sediments and seawater samples, as well as first-hand photos and video materials, and also hand drawn the first geological belongings in the area. The precious information of cross-sectional views can help subsequently develop more systematic experimental analysis. "Wu Tao said.

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