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Picture story: "Ai" love each other

People’s Daily Online Nanchang December 1st (season) is like usually the same, on November 29th, in the ward of the Ninth Hospital of Nanchang City, the director Hu Minhua is taking the precautions for taking the medicine in a AIDS patient. Chat with patients, intimate communication, Hu Min Hua is soft, and the tone is affected.

In December 2000, Nanchang City Ninth Hospital was approved by the first AIDS treatment center in Jiangxi Province. From this moment, Hu Minhua became the center of nursing staff, this is more than 20 years.

Every day in the position, she faced the AIDS patients, she used professional care and sincere care, she represented the hope of countless patients, and she was also known as the "Guardian Angel" of AIDS. In the floor of the patient, Hu Minhua busy figure "wearing" in various ward: see the trauma of the patient, infusion for the patient … Although it has been in the cold winter, the sweat has been infiltrated from Hu Minhua forehead. Especially Hu Minhua holds a patient’s hand, this patient touched tears: "Our patients, others are avoiding, and Hu teacher is not too disappointing us, 嘘 cold, just like our kind Big sister … "On December 1 this year, it is the 34th" World AIDS Day ". After coming out of the ward, Hu Minhua has rushed a meeting room, busy with colleagues, a Salon Sandy, inserting, and playing. Balloon, paste slogans, the entire venue is arranged very warm.

Hu Minhua said that such a Salon Hospital will always be held, let more people know the spread of AIDS, hazards and preventive means to achieve anti-Ai.

In 2003, under the support of the Ninth Hospital of Nanchang City, Hu Minhua established a health science garden in the AIDS Treatment Center – "Warm House", providing health guidance and psychological counseling for HIV infections and patients, and creates a relaxing communication for patients. AC environment.

At the same time, Hu Minhua also formed a volunteer team. Under her cry, medical staff and HIV-infected people, patients have joined, and some social lovers in some non-medical industries have also joined them. Today, Hu Minhua and her volunteer service team, footprints all over more than 80 counties, more than 100 schools, more than 400 communities, to create a warm spiritual home for "Ai" friends, and build a safeguard of the masses Anti-line.

In September this year, the 48th Nine Ninggr Awards Awards was held in Beijing. The award was the highest honor of the International Nursing Authority established by the ICRC, and Hu Minhua was named in my country.

"This honor is my new starting point!" Hu Min Hua said that she will continue to be with "Ai", with love with the patient, promote the spirit of Nantutane and Red Cross in the position, due diligence, use the most ordinary Stick to dedication to your light and heat. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.