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Picture story: Coconut carving "guarding artist" [4]

Hainan coconut carvings are a traditional engraving art with coconut shell, coconut and coconut brown. In 2008, it was included in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

"From my first eye, I like this skill."

"51-year-old Hainan Coconut Cuveu provincial representative inheritor Ke Qiufeng said.

He entered the original Haikou Coconut Craft Factory in 1994, and the artwork of the craft factory for ten years later, he began to engage in coconut crafts alone.

Keqiufeng introduced that coconut carving can make a decorative painting, vases and ornaments, etc. A coconut carving product is usually made of design, selection, grinding, opening, carving, inlay, and paint. Press the left hand and hold the coconut shell, right hand, hold the knife, one centimeter in the surface of the hard and curved coconut shell. This is the most common action when Keqiufeng is in the creation of Coconut Creation.

He said that the coconut carving must always concentrate, and if you carefully care, you will run ahead to break the palm or arms. Engaged in coconut carving for more than 20 years, his palm, arms have left a lot of scars.

In addition to making coconut trarennies, Keqiufeng also teaches Coconut carving techniques for students from Hainan Vocational and Technical College to make the traditional skills of Coconut. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pu Xiaoxu photo.