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栉 风 沐雨, Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall ushered in the 90th anniversary of Jiancang

文 图 / 城 晚 全 全 记 记 记 视频 视频 视频 生 记 记 记.. 百 百 百 百 百 百… 百 百… 百.. 百. 百… 百 百 百.. 百 百 百 百… 百. 百 百.. 百 百 百 百 百 百 百 百Guangzhou South Guangdong Ancient City, because of the activities of the revolutionary pioneers such as Sun Yathan, it has become the source of the Chinese democratic revolution. The Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall has also been admired by Sun Yat-sen, received by the people at home and abroad. Zhongshan Memorial Hall welcomes the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Liang Yu, who has taken time in Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall, and now it has become a landmark building and historical business card in Guangzhou. It is the world to remember Sun Yat-sen, express reverence. The sacred place of love, at the same time, its unique architectural structure and rich national characteristics, becoming a tourist attraction in China and abroad and holding an important meeting to hold a large rally.

On October 10, Zhongshan Memorial Hall welcomed the 90th anniversary of Jiancang, Yangcheng Evening News reporter dialogue Wang Bo, Director Wang Bo, Director of Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall Management Center, to understand the history of cultural performances, social education, and The unique role in the exchanges of the Taiwan Straits, and in the next 90 years, the Zhongshan Memorial Hall promotes the way China’s outstanding traditional culture, and play the living room of civilized exchanges.

Zhongshan Memorial Hall ushered in the 90th anniversary of the Jiancang to take back to the first ninety-year: from the ranking place to public attractions, representing Guangzhou City Cultural Image Yangcheng Evening News: Zhongshan Memorial Hall is completed on October 10, 1931, how many large days have been experienced during the time Renovation? Wang Bo: According to statistics, since the beginning of 1937, the maintenance and repair of Zhongshan Memorial Hall has been in progress, of which more maintenance has 12 times, involving roofing, painting, structural reinforcement, increase professional equipment. Yangcheng Evening News: How does Zhongshan Memorial becomes a tourist attraction and performance site that is open from a government cluster? Wang Bo: From the beginning of 1931 to October 1980, Zhongshan Memorial Hall is mainly used to convene party and government types meetings, rally and literary performances until October 1, 1980, Zhongshan Memorial Hall with more open tolerance. The gesture hugs the world and is open to tourists at home and abroad for a monumentary tourist attraction.

On March 13, 1985, Zhongshan Memorial Hall held the first commercial performance since the reform and opening up – Rowan concert, the concert was just a plan to perform six games, but finally appeared in seven games. On January 1, 1999, Zhongshan Memorial Hall has organized the first New Year concert after the first year of consolidation of the maintenance of the maintenance in 1998.

On October 10, 1945, the celebration of National Day and Anti-Japanese War Shengli War Wars was held in Zhongshan Memorial Hall (the respondent provided) Yangcheng Evening News: What is the result of Zhongshan Memorial? Wang Bo: Zhongshan Memorial Hall with a deep cultural heritage, unique architectural charm and superior viewing environment, attracts the famous performance groups at home and abroad, and the artist will become a palace of excellent cultural exchanges and spread at home and abroad.

Stepping into the 21st century, the stage of Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall has always shown a multi-color Yangcheng gesture to introduce a wonderful repertoire at home and abroad, including opera, dance drama, Cantonese opera, folk music, drama, concert, cross talk, ballet, symphony Wait, expand people’s artistic vision, cultivate the viewers’ appreciation, and improve the urban cultural image of Guangzhou. Many famous artists at home and abroad have come to Zhongshan Memorial Hall show, such as the red line, Song Zuying, Yan Weiwen, Dong Wenhua, Zhang Wei, Yin Xiu Mei, Dai Yuqiang, Chen Pus, Guo Degang, Feng Gong, Li Yundi, Richard Clayman, Maxim Little Saisa, etc. Yangcheng Evening News: How does Zhongshan Memorial play social education? Wang Bo: Zhongshan Memorial Hall is the national key cultural relics protection unit, the national AAAA-level tourist area, Guangzhou party members education base, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou patriotism education base, Guangzhou Power and Secondary School Student Research Practice Education Base, Department of Traveling Base Exchange , Guangzhou anti-corruption education base is also a bright historical business card in Guangzhou. In the promotion of its educational functions, we have been adhering to the principle of advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, and striving to excavate the red gene, through the theme exhibition and red classic performances carrying the Sun Yat-sen’s spirit, and activate the learning method, activation Using the unique advantages of its own red resources and relics, realization of patriotism education, party members’ education and performance, and tourism, and the deep patriotism of patriotism flows in the blood of the Chinese nation. Yangcheng Evening News: What role does Zhongshan Memorial play in the exchange of cross-strait? Wang Bo: Mr. Sun Yat-sen is a great person who is respected by the people of the Taiwan Straits. Zhongshan Memorial Hall as the exchange of exchanges between the streets of the Taiwan Straits, and has been committed to carrying out relevant cultural activities, increase cross-strait exchanges, such as regularly organizing the theme exhibition of Sun Yat-sen’s spirit. Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s birth commemoration activities.

On October 1, 1950, the people from all walks of life in Guangzhou celebrate the first anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and the first anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (provided by respondents). The first anniversary of the liberation of Guangzhou (provider) is looking forward to the future: carry forward the excellent traditional culture, create a civilized exchange mutual conference Living Room Yangcheng Evening News: Celebrate the 90th anniversary of Zhongshan Memorial Building, which activities will Zhongshan Memorial Hall Administration? Wang Bo: We carry out the 90th anniversary of Zhongshan Memorial Times in the form of "ten", which is an immersive exhibition, a special forum, a famous lecture, a book saying book, a propaganda film, one Brochure, a commemorative post, a theme song, a Wenchuang contest, a batch of cultural brands of Zhongshan Memorial Hall.

On October 16th, "Strengthening Culture and Confidence, Promoting the Inheritance and Innovation of China Architectural Culture" theme forums, and push series activities to a climax. Yangcheng Evening News: Zhongshan Memorial Hall has been in 90 years, next, what is the development concept and planning of Zhongshan Memorial Hall? Wang Bo: Next 90 years, our memorial people do not change, do "courage, active as, dare to innovate, efficient implementation", take advantage of the new journey, with "Ping An Memorial, Digital Memorial Hall , Vital Memorial Hall is built into support, truly completely protects and inherits the Chinese excellent traditional culture carried out in the Zhongshan Memorial Hall, and gives full play to the role of its living room as a civilized exchange.

Zhongshan Memorial is the national key cultural relics protection unit, and the safety of cultural relics is the top priority of all work, so the "Ping An Memorial" is the foundation of our work.

We will implement "Wisdom + Wen Sao" digital cultural relics protection, using "Tianyue" to remotely real-time monitoring, establish cultural relics risk identification and early warning forecasting systems.

In addition, Zhongshan Memorial is a rare ancient tree density, urban park, "China’s most beautiful wooden cotton", and other ancient trees, these "live" cultural relics need us to care. On January 24, 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong took the work of "living" to "live" in Zhongshan Memorial Hall and the masses (provider). It is necessary to build a civilized exchange of civilized communication – Zhongshan Memorial Hall into a network red cultural brand, becoming a cultural "new landmark" that is deeply loved by the public, and the net "card" is a 90 years of Zhongshan Memorial. important topic. We are exploring the historical value, artistic value, scientific value, environmental value, social value and cultural value of Zhongshan Memorial, and continuously upgrading "the great architecture of the permanent commemoration" large exhibition.

We will also plan the "five-color" Memorial Hall, Night Tour Memorial Hall, Anime Memorial and other brands, constructing the northern ice sculpture, South has a flower light, the north has the pattern of the Forbidden City, the southern Memorial Hall, will build Zhongshan Memorial Hall into Guangdong and even the whole country Urban cultural landmark business card. On July 16, 1965, Premier Zhou Enlai, Deputy Prime Minister Chen Yi watched the revolutionary music dance history "Oriental Red" in Zhongshan Memorial Hall (the people provided) Yangcheng Evening News: How to understand the "civilized exchange mutual conference" the concept of? Wang Bo: 2017 Guangzhou "Wealth" Global Forum is held in Guangzhou, the site selection of the forum opening dinner, and the exterior of the exterior is held in Zhongshan Memorial Hall.

The Zhongshan Memorial Hall is a magnificent, magnificent star-angle palace building with a rich Chinese national style. That night, Zhongshan Memorial Hall is full of rushing, high-profile full, amazing and drinking. As the urban landmark of Guangzhou Millennium, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, the first batch of China’s 20th century building heritage will continue to attract the world’s attention in the next 90 years. Zhongshan Memorial Hall main building has a "world-oriented" plaque, "the world is the public" is the content written by Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s favorite question, and the basic spirit of his thoughts. "The trip to the avenue, the world is the public" from "Book, Gifts, Datong", which means that the world is all in the world.

As a famous tourist attraction, Zhongshan Memorial Hall is responsible for the cultural essence of the Chinese excellent traditional culture, the cultural essence of the world’s meaning, elucidated and spread, so Zhongshan Memorial Hall as the concept of civilized exchange mutual conference It is born in gestation. On January 1, 1999, Zhongshan Memorial held a first new year concert. (The respondent is provided).