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Zuo Luo directly pressed his hand,Force:“Can you continue now?”

Medical force:“……”Row,Young people are fierce。
Waiting for the medical force to get the big and small wound on Zuo Luohuan,She also borrowed a jacket of the seventeen army,Directly drive to the military committee to open。
Open in the port,Rectify the surroundings along the way,I don’t know that Zuo Luo has arrived a military committee that has already been flat.,It is also looking for their wheel printing.。
NS 117 chapter(Affection.Hottest.)
Combined with the team to return to the port, I have encountered the residential area in the middle.,Search for rescue。When they seized the people in the third time,Zuo Luo finally found it。
She didn’t immediately go forward,But stop the car behind, Looking at the forehead through the front car glass。
The team members have received many people., He stands next to the car, Look with Jiang Hong, What occasionally migrate to other team members?。
Zuo Luohuan is on the side of the coming, Even around the world,Her first eyes can only see him。
She saw Jiang Hong’s comment on Ji Yue.,He replied after, It is low to look at the computer., The look is faintly lonely。
That moment, Zuo Luohuan is like being clamped,She can’t see him to show this look.。
The else of her, the more it should be disturbed by this emotional。
“The capital signal is temporarily restored。”Jianghong Road,“Three hours can be maintained。”
“Contact the port first。”Oki’s coming to Jiang Hong,Looking down, look at your own.,Want to contact Zuo Luohuan, But I am afraid to interfere with her.。
Jiang Hong has now launched the news from Jiang’s house.,He saw a message about Zuo Luohuan,I want to tell the Oak, The result of seeing the people behind, Not help。
Oki’s coming, I look at Jianghong’s eyes., But I saw the people in his heart.,After yourself, Temperate。
Zuo Luohiro uses his eyes to describe his face,I want a little bit in my heart., Oki’s now has a team,So many people around,She doesn’t want to destroy his image,Just look at him。
Oki is not,His pair of beautiful eyes in the sun slightly,People who look back behind,The next second turned and turned over to the past.,The hands are tightly taken by Zuo Luo Huan’s neck。
Zuo Luo Huan,Finally reach out to hug。
Jianghong next to Jiang Hong turned to leave,Go busy with other things。
Hold him,Zuo Luohi found that the original heart has been air,She reached out and touched him back,People who are in arms:“I am fine.,Ren Pingyu。”
If it is often,‘Ren Pingyu’This sentence will inevitably attract attention,His brain has already turned countless times,But now I can’t hear anything.,In the brain, a mess。
Half of Ji Yong is buried on Zuo Luohuan,Sniffing her bloody blood,Obviously it is not the original clothes,His eyebrow is slightly,The eyes are gradually red。
Warm temperature hot liquid is on her neck,Let Zuo Luoyuan body,Even if it is the pain of the brain,Also not now,At this moment,She first clearly knows what is painful.。
Zuo Luo Huan’s half-body,Reach your hand,Carefully look at the red eyelids,Near the temperature, kiss, kiss his eyes,Whispered:“……Don’t cry。”
Bi’s long confstraint,It’s another drop of tears.,He can’t control your emotions。
Previously separated,Zuo Luo Huan is indispensable,Pinch him down a kiss。
Oki’s taste from that kiss,She is separated from the idea of not being killed.。
Team,He has no way to refuse,Zuo Luo is the highest level of federal levelAlpha,Except for her,No one can deal with any flatbon。
Zuo Luoyuan,Wipe his tears with a belly,Pass,She wants to sweep this atmosphere,Low the low voice in the ear:“The more tears we want to leave later……use。”
She said the words,Ejrai Yue lifted a pair of moist eyes,Also obey:“good。”