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World Zun is clear、The breath of the ultra-off is more and more,As if the imprint of He staying in the world will also calcine,Dispelling。

The income of the bronze garde ancient Buddha is in order to dissipate the world,Actually breeding the Buddha’s nature of Wang Yang,More pounds than before,Flush unbelievable。
Paint black copper is also difficult to bury。
Big magic is early,When he saw the old haircut turned into a cause of the Buddha.,I have already guess that the ancient Buddha, the Gaoya is likely to be the fruitfulness of the world.。
As the big magic will receive the cause of Yuan Shi Zun。
The ancient Buddha is the avatar of Ami Buddha and does not say,The ancient Buddha is the most proud disciple of Shizun.,Never have a world、Jaya is smiling。
This case,It is the root of Ka Ye Chengzheng!
A drink,Everything is。
A black list is on time to the ancient Buddha.,A bladder。
Buddha is the magic。
What is the difference between Feng Devils and Sealing Buddha??
Allegello the meaning of the magic list,It is for this time。
Be fine“Tie”Residual knife,Otherwise, the big devil may take the first to deal with the magic list.,As a result,The ancient Buddha is very likely to form a talvous。
“Tie”Weaken the moment of middle-aged men,It is a good opportunity to use the magic list。
Feng Deva is probably a champion of Yuan Shi Zun,But if the big devil has no ability to take it,So today, it is possible to fall into trouble.。
This game is not a concrete,The fact that the four most old horror in the void universe,Big magic,It is likely to be tired and ontology。
But unknown,Fill your body into this battle,Notwise。
Demon is still not very understanding of this higher level battle.,In the case of poor information,How to do it,How to do it。 Only。
Fortunately, he is enough.,Can I quickly think of the law。
Using Fengsawang to take the laughter of the ancient Buddha,Make the process of transferring the world to the process of stagnation,Ming Wang Victims,Flounce。
Attack from the world is equal to being temporarily disintegrated by the big devil。
Now he only needs to face the middle-aged man who is weakened by the sky.。
This coming,Be reversed“Tie”Injury,And perfect, with the heritage from Yuan Shi Zun,Just help the big magic。
This matter is easy,In the middle, if there is a one-step error,The big magic is likely to fall into a territory.。
As the big devil is close to success,It is equivalent to even a foreigner before the ever.。
The process of this is revealed,It’s enough to make any ancient existence of creepy。
Close to success,Not equal to success。
Next, the big magic must be in the face of the weakened middle-aged man.。
His body is still banned with many Taikoo Magic。
Middle-aged man is approaching the big devil,His face is more embarrassed,Maybe for a long time,Maybe,The big devil gave birth to nothing.。
“Ginger teeth!”
he“See”Middle-aged man’s full picture。
Ginger teeth!
Ginger tooth in the Buddha world。