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Quanyi leaves from the air,They can’t find any traces at all。

“Should not,He won’t use this way,And he once saved my love,This too excited means should not be used”Spring shakehead。
This black pot can not be back。
“Fuse,No who is he still”Sasuke some angry。
I go,Also give me a sporty water。
“I am not saying?,not him,There is also a large number of snake crawles in sandy village.,This should be the mobility of the big snake pill,Assist,I found out traces of someone left.,Do you want to chase?”Springs’ faces show smiles。
“What are you waiting for,Big snake pill,I didn’t put him in my eyes.”Sasuke’s face,Not in the ridicule of the springs。
Although he doesn’t know how the big snake will learn to learn,But he is very confident on his own strength.,Have him with a kaleidoscope,Big snake pills can’t be his opponent。
As soon as before
“Then let’s go.,Do you have my speed?”Quan asked。
“Shennong,Water,You are keeping up behind,I am in the past”Sasuke said to the water and Shennong。
Finish,Sasuke is in your hand,Then press the ground,With a huge eagle with a smoke, it appeared there.。
Sasukes jumped up,I flew over the sky in the sky。
“You are careful,Sands also sent a pursuit of troops”Sprite。
Then he flew over the sky quickly,Pacify。
“It is good to fly.,Let’s go too.,This damn desert”The water drunk and drink it.,Then follow the way forward。
Shennong can’t help but shake his head,This task may not be completed so well.。
He knows the big snake pill,But not so good to deal with,But just right。
They are best to have two defeats.,Finally, I will pick it up.,Shennong is dark。
The eyes of the Sasuke are also good.,Plus pure Chakra,There is still a tail。
His location can be successfully completed,It is from time to time.,Nothing。
Only expanded desires in Shennong Xin,Then he also pursued。
“Cough,pocket,Did you get it?”The big snake pill is frowning。
The current big snake pill seems to be weak。
“done,Big snake pill,But do we need this?,He has lost his resistance”Ignorant。
“This is a column,What’s more careful?。。。。Cough”Big snake fellowship has become a bit ugly。
“It seems that you can’t use great powerful wooden,Some of the activity of the body can’t,Give me medicine”Big Snake Pill。
Then I took out a purple needle from the endurance package.,Then I walked to the big snake pill.。
Big snake pills reach out,Pull up the sleeve,Reveal arms。