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Summer eyes flashes,Ask,“Since this,Why don’t contact three major races??”

“This is a historical problem,I am not convenient,In short,I don’t have malicious to you.,You and the hatred between the three ethnic races,I don’t want to be involved.,I am me.,They are them。”
Summer nodded,Although there are many intakes,But he did not continue to ask。
Collapse the snake knife,Turning to the banquet hall。
Looking at his back,Williams in the eyes of Williams。
The knife just in the summer is too fast.。
A knife,It’s actually a lightning energy.,Its power is even weakly。
His heart is secretly thinking,Look at the younger eyes and get amused。
You still be careful.,Rola is a Blood Mixture,And the status is not low,You kill her,The secret party will definitely not give up a good break.。”
“I know。”
Summer does not look back,Take a big walk into the banquet hall。
“Kill god……What else is there nothing to know?……”Williams’ eyes become more deep,Continue with the cold light,“Unfortunately……Your ending has been destined。”
First1911Chapter Huge information
Everyone in the banquet is in a coma。
Not poisoned。
It is a certain ability to,Extremely special odor。
It is coma,More like a deep sleep。
As long as the summer is willing,I can wake up at any time.。
But he did not do this。
Instead, they took them into the car.,Gallop。
Summer did not see。
When he leaves the banquet hall,Come in everyone,There is a woman slowly opened his eyes.。
Han Meiji。
Abnormal awake between her eyes,Different in the eyes。
But very quickly,She closed their eyes。
Because Williams also gone in his hand。
“Woke them all……Allo,Wake the Bery,Take him to see me……”“Be!”
The eagles and cactus members headed by Gilmo and Anji have moved。
After a moment。
After the wake, Beith entered a room on the second floor.。
This room is the room where you are in the front.。
After entering,Boss will close the door。
He looked at Williams sitting on the sofa,Don’t help you,In the eyes of fear。