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After seeing her,Bright eyes,“nice。”

Wang Yixin has some small shy,A pair of eyes contains water waves。
She dressed in a snow,Put the gimmick,Skin is like snow,Delicate,A black-bright long hair natural dispersion shoulder,Long eyelashes,A pair of eyes like autumn water,The lower half is a light yarn,Give people a mysterious and noble temperament。
Put your hands and put it a good job,Wildness。
have to say,The current Wang Yixin is very temperament,It’s too much。
“What is good?。”
Facing the summer ridicule,Her eyes turn,Half joke,“Even if you can’t get your eyes。”
Summer playing a haha,Do not pick up。
Next,Two people go outward。
People who meet,Whether it is a member of the Chamber of Commerce,Original shopping,All resident,Row。
There are still many millenies who applaud。
American feast,Calculate a lot of grand event in Shencheng。
Summer as followers,There is also a fire that is hot and awkward.。
Outside the door,There is a luxurious carriage waiting,Interior decoration luxury,Comfortable,Fragrance。
Two people get on the bus,One of the martial arts of a life and death acts as Maf,Drive in a light。
Banquet location in Shencheng Central,When they arrive,Above the huge square,I have already been full of people.。
They are all coming to watch the military。
After getting off,Nature has also caused a sensation。
Under a messenger,The two are in a burst,Going to a brilliant huge palace in front。
Internal temple,Loundin,Beautiful view,The richness of the richness is substantial。
Eventually enter a hall。
There are many people in the hall.。
But this palace is too big.,Spacious degree,Even thousands,It is just a reluctance。
“I can install tens of thousands here.。”
Summer blinking,Feeling。
Wang Yuxin laughed,“In previous years,This hall is a place for duel。”
The two do not stay,Follow along the back,People flow also gradually。
Envoy,All is a beautiful figure。
These women’s postures are different,Some light smiles,Light rhyme,Some charm is infinite,Extremely tap,Some body is hot,Curve exquisite,Some cheerful,Sweet and soft……Shencheng big and small chamber of commerce is full of thousands,Every chamber will cultivate a business woman。
Business women are not only beautiful,And really capable,Enter management,The so-called hundred US banquet is just a name。
The beautiful woman here has thousands of women.。
At the time,They will compete for various lists。
certainly,The most important list is the business woman list。