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She was shocked,Suddenly open eyes。

Looking at Lu Haocheng kissed her neck with her love。
She is a little uncomfortable twisted,Like Lu Haozheng。
Outside a window,The sky is already bright.,This night,She sleeps very well。
Lu Haocheng knows she woke up,I also know that she is thinking outside the cloud.,Lucky, a belly, black evil, looking at her,“Wife,morning!”
Blue is glanced at him:“morning,You are still early。”
Lu Haocheng listened to her with a fire,Take a laugh now,“Wife,In fact, I didn’t sleep overnight last night.。”
Blue Xin looked at him,His spirit is like,Didn’t you sleep over a night??
Deceive ghosts。
Lu Haocheng looked at her face did not believe,Abnormal grievance,“Blue,What I said is true,I am very happy to see you.,Really didn’t sleep overnight。”He can’t sleep,miss her,Why do I miss her?,And her sleeping sweet。
Occasionally, he can’t hear a clear dream.。
He still can’t sleep very depressed。
Blue Xin:“……”How do this man looked else?,I will not love my body at all.。
“Then you still sleep still,Do you have a spirit during the day??”She still wants to go to the valley during the day.,Take a few beautiful photos,Go to the lake for a walk?。
It is the kind of quiet and relaxing self-satisfaction with the world.。
She glanced outside the window,Sky is very blue,Ming, such as water washes,Cloud is white。
No noisy sound,Only the wind and the surrounding bird,Flowers from the window from the windows,Let her feel happy in the morning。
She closed her eyes,Enjoy this peaceful and beautiful moments。
Can not be asked。
Lu Haicheng ended overnight,At this moment, I looked at her pink.,Seductive smile,He can’t help but。
He bite it gently on her ear.,“what……”Her voice is not from independent overflow,The whole body is tight。
This is soft,Let Luhaocheng all the idea broke out。
Blue Xin knows,At this time, he is not possible.。
She knows him very well,The more resistant,The more excited。
Snorge catering him,I hope to end quickly,She wants to go to the lake,I want to go to the top of the mountain to see colorful clouds。
I didn’t feel that she refused his Lu Haozheng.,A piece of joy。
Know that she is distressed,Forgive him,His heart is painful again。
Every time you use this way, let her forgive himself.,He knows that he is very shameless,But she ignored him,He can’t stand it.。
The romantic room is unlimited.。
after an hour,Lu Haocheng was so sweating down,Blue Xin is still drowsiness。
Lu Haocheng smiled and opened her eyes and saw her.,Feel the power of yourself,He is lying by her,It can also feel that she is breathing some urgent.。