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The live broadcast is sour.,after all,Gift,Or only the number of people who only have the barrage,I don’t think about the dog.,Pumped by yourself。
But unfortunately,The reality is very cruel。
“Congratulations to Qingyun Fairy winning,Please send me your harvest address and personal information.,I will give people to you.!”
Shen Xuan according to the practice,The opening said。
“OK,Thank you an anchor!”
Qingyun Fairy turned a horse。
soon,Shen Xuan received a short message from Qingyun Fairy。
“Lin Wei,cellphone number:136xxxxxxxx,address:Magic city……”
Shen Xuan looked at an eye,I said in the live broadcast.:“All right,I received your information.,This afternoon,I will send someone to you.!”
“Anly,Tell us quickly,Qingyun fairy is not a rich woman?”
“Where is it??”
“The anchor is simply delivered to the door.,Can you see the rich woman?!”
People in the live broadcast have joked jokes,Send a hundred rockets in one hand,Plus may be a woman,Nature causing many people’s attention。
“I am forty years old.,divorce,Two dolls,18arrive20Year old brother,I like it.!”
At this time,Qing Yun fairy suddenly sent a bucket in the live broadcast room.。
Forty years old?
Divorce with two dolls?
Also request18Old20Between the age?
This special……
Requires really demanding!
Live inter-room riders when the Chinese is silent,Those people who are joking instantly shut up。
Shen Xuan can’t help but laugh!
This help people listen to this limited conditions,It’s stupid.。
“sorry,excuse me!”
“actually……Also,After all, can you struggle for decades?!”
“Xuan Ge,Do you want to think about it??”
NS12Zhang Da Huang steals
Also consider?
Consider a fart!
“I am.,I have been more than 20,Unwell!”
Shen Xuan slightly,Immediately said:“This kind of good opportunity is still left to you.!”