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suddenly,There was a big drink from outside,A powerful momentum rushed in quickly。

This figure soon came to Triander’s side respectfully:“Triande Saint,Shocked you,Damn the subordinate!”
Triande saw the middle-aged man who appeared and immediately restored his expression,Face is full of surprises。
“Sigen,How will you be here?”
“Terry Hood Saint says you might be in trouble,So let me take a look!”
Terry Hood is Triander’s dad,This Sigen is Terry Hood’s dog leg。
but,He is not an ordinary dog leg,Because of his strength,Has entered the level of the strong sea,Such an elite is a mainstay even in the strength of the Tianlong people.。
There must be a general in the power of the dragon,And no less than five。
But these generals are like pillars of the town and country,It is impossible to move under normal circumstances。
And these people may also perform difficult tasks elsewhere,So rare to see。
Those who can really act as the face of the Tianlong people are the powerful seamen like them。
Can have a strong sea as a dog leg,You can imagine the power of Terry Hood。
I heard that his father asked Sigen to help him,Triander was beaming。
Then he quickly remembered the existence of Leo。
“Sigen,Kill him for me,I want him to die!”Triander almost growled。