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NS2chapter Mirror

In fact, Su Chen has many things to be in front of the women’s mouth in front of you.,But he knows can’t worry。
Women to retreat, Su Chen lived an inexplicable thinking,He can know the trend of the woman,Even if the other party has already lost Baizhang,This Singress is still exhausted。
Just soon, he gave birth to a tiredness.,So recover thinking。
This Site does not disappear in the body,Su Chen’s tiredness has not appeared again。
It seems that as long as it does not leave the body,Will n’t let Su Chen feel tired。
This special thinking appears,Let Su Tu yourself in the world of demon worlds now.。In addition to giving birth to the unknown world,Also a little desire in the heart。
“Can you do it in this world??”
Experience,There is such a thought, it is not enough。
But this stock has gradually become eager to continue to spread in his heart.,Thinking in the past,Let him realize that a fact that is in the cold water。
His body http://www.googlewatch.cnis now able to say that it is a dangerous egg.。
Take a sense of thinking,Various details of the body are completely present in his mind。
now,His body has suffered serious damage,I can’t see a good place.,He still counts now“Live”,Uncommitte。
He also discovered a colorful Buddha CD in his belly,The Buddha is outside is a hidden breath.。
It should be the demon of the body.。
Su Chen is so guess。
He can clearly feel that the Chinese icy demon has a great hostility against Buddha.,Both are like water。
Maybe they have taken a battle before,Leading the body’s original soul flying,Square is cheap.。
It’s just that his thinking is obviously very binding on the demon.。
Su Tu is slightly moving a little one,The demon becomes very introverted,Temporarily avoid the possibility of demon and Buddha light conflict。
But Su Chen does not have a binding of the Buddha.。
He can feel the power of the Buddha,If this power suddenly broke out,He is afraid that there is no bone bone.。
This is a big hidden danger。
Su Chen must find a way to solve it。
But Su Chen’s most difficult problem is the injury in the body.。
This is hard to get any toss,Maybe it will crash。
Montenegro is a heterogeneous,How to repair a good heterogeneous body,Su Chen is currently no shortage。He can only find ways from the surrounding environment,I hope that I have made some recovery injuries or clues related to repair injuries.。
Su Qing looks over the stone room,In addition to the copper mirror,He did not find any strange items for the time being.。
He then puts the attention on the bronze mirror。
This copper mirror is very special,When Su Qing is betting on the mirror,The original fainted mirror will become clear,The image inside is like the character of the glass mirror is as clear。
Su Chen is at the mirror,In the heart。
He put his finger touch the mirror,Wonderful things happened。Mirror gave birth to a soft white light,One picture is coming in the mirror。
Do not,Exactly, a paragraph from Montenegro。
Su Chen saw these pictures,The picture is deeply engraved in his mind,Don’t go。