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Anyway, I am very hungry now.,I want to accompany you to catch fish.,Give me a good time.。”

Looking at Jiang Shuyan’s goldfish mouth,Li Rong Life:“rest assured,This will give you,Five minutes。”
Say,Li Hui is directly with a fresh wooden bar and then wear directly into the corn rod.。
Directly on the flame roast。
soon,The fragrance of corn is passed out.,Even occasionally accompanied by the sound of 噼,This makes Jiang Shuyan not shackles his eyes.。
This kind of roasted corn, she has never eaten once.,But the roasted taste is that she can’t help but want to taste it.。
About five minutes,Li Hui has directly handed the corn to Jiang Shuyan.。
“Come,Try my craft,You absolutely don’t taste the delicious,Some hot mouth now,You will blow yourself。”
Jiang Shuyan looked at the corn from outside.,Want to refuse from your heart。
But look at the confidence of Li Hui’s eyes.,And the fragrance from the top of corn,She is a little curious。
“Can this thing eat??
In the face of Jiang Shuyan’s question,Li Hui is not explained,Directly put another baked corn and blow it,Drain the top of the top with your hand,Directly biting a big mouth。
That corn roasted taste is directly distributed,Even a time, I have covered the octagonal pepper.。
“Hey-hey,You want to eat,Can be left to me,I guarantee that I can eliminate all.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s appearance of some familiar food,Jiang Shuyan is hesitant to blow,Then also use the fiber-optic jade hand to gently pat the gray above the corn.,Directly torn off a piece of grain and put it in your mouth.。
Gently chew,The fragrance of corn is directly fell in the mouth.,The fragrance is not worthy of any corn at all.。
No oil saline vinegar,No sugar,The most primitive taste is to let Jiang Shuyan can’t help but tear again.。
NES’s eating,Li Hui Feng in the side is a bit anxious.。
According to Jiang Shuyan’s eating,I am afraid a corn can eat it.。
“Ginger sister,Can you eat a big mouth like me??”
Li Hui said with the wind.,It is also a big mouth.。
Looking at Li Hui’s hot mouthful,Jiang Shuyan is also a bit speechless。
“I don’t want it.,You eat it as an unaptified。”
“Hey-hey,Who else in this big night does not look at you?
Hurry and learn from me.,Guaranteed to open the door of the new world。”
Jiang Shuyan heard that Li Hui said like this.,It is also hesitating while blowing corn.,Gitden a small mouth while gently。
A bit,The aroma of the corn is more rich than before,The feeling of chewing is more chewed than the previous one.。
Although some hot mouth,But Jiang Shuyan feels that a little mouth is really not addictive.。
Soon, it’s a big mouth bit.。
Li Hui Feng also saw Jiang Shuyan’s eating changes,Especially when I saw that Jiang Shuyan’s little mouth was gave to the beard by the gray of the corn.,I can’t help but I can’t help but I want to laugh.,But I saw that Jiang Shuyan is as fast as the calorine.,He still can’t bear to disturb。