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Lu Wei,Lu Hao Cheng’s father,Dressed in a gray home service,Sitting on the sofa,Looking serious about Lu Haozheng。

NS33chapter:She also
NS33chapter:She also
Another long phase is not as good as Lu Haozheng,Lu Haokai,Qin Ning did not marry when he was married.,Just marching the sun and a woman。
Lu Haokai’s side,Sitting a proud woman,It is Lu Zi Si。
Lu Haocheng has a sister,Just when it is a teenager,Just sent to foreign reading。
I later gone,She married people abroad,Rarely。
Even if it is back,Also just let’s take a look at Lu Haozheng,After a few days,Will return to China,Today, his little foreign embarrassment is five years old.。
“Hao Jun,How to talk to your aunt,You don’t call your mother.,So no respect?”Lu Wei is very majestic with a full anger.。
When Lu Wei is young,It is also a rare beautiful man,I am now at the age of age.,It’s still very charming in a very powerful momentum.。
Qin Ning is slim,A goose egg face,Willow,Slender Danfeng Eye,Lips the lips,Be very beautiful,A big red tight dress makes her ambitious temperament。
Just the pair of elongated funds,Full of unscrupulous calculations。
“Mother?She also?”Lu Hao Cheng’s voice ridicule ice cold, such as a sharp puncture!
“Yesterday I got a car accident.,Brake is manually handed,This is also a clever thing.,The surroundings around the parking lot are broken.。”Lu Haozheng blunt,Open the door to see the mountain。
His fight against families,I started from this woman after the Lu family.。
many things,They all know。
Mother leaves,Never contact them again,Have a lot of relationship with this woman。
“Yo!That is really clever,Let the people who are reluctant to escape a robbery,That Hao Cheng, you must be careful when you go out.,You have been,Your iron blood wrist,But a lot of sinned people?”Qin Ning is worried,That speech is sharp and scornful!
Finish,Laughing, I’m looking at Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao Cheng’s life is very big,How many years,She is exhausted,He still lives well。
Lu Haocheng is not afraid to welcome,The atmosphere is more strange than Qin Ning!
His tone is not in a hurry,The clear voice is implied:“There is a white wolf at home,It is really very careful!”
Qin Ning smashed Lu Hao Cheng,The anger of the bottom is almost overflow.。
Lu Haokai suddenly rose an angry,Jumping from the sofa。
Land Hao Cheng:“Lu Hao Cheng,Who do you say??”
Lu Haozheng smashed the dangerous eyes,The scent of the bottom is full of flashes:“Everyone knows that,If it is broken,Everyone is not good.。”
He will make them don’t have fun.。
The old man should leave his family to give this brother.,He is not rare。
He Lu Hao Cheng is now in Jiangyou,Want wind,Rainful rain。
“Give me a mouth!”Lu Jianwei looked at a few people。
How many years,This home has never been in peacefulness.,As long as Haochen is coming back,Always full of gunpowder flavor。
He is married after marriage,It is not right.,When men have made mistakes。
But why Hao Cheng mother suddenly disappeared,He is not clear。
Hoheng because of this,I have been remembering him.。