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How can it be so strong??

“Who are you??”
Did you think that this person is in the end?。
So powerful,Shouldn’t be nameless。
“The strength of Taoist friends is not underestimated,Not as good as we plan to discuss?”
“Who is there anything in half?,It is better to play and lose win.。”
“What is the gambling?What is gambling?”
Old Taoist laughs:
“simple。We use people a gambler,As for gambling, people do in the gambling。”
Lin Xi research,That is free to stand on a raccoon。
It climbs to the forest,Low language:
“Don’t gamble with this person,I feel that he is not good.。”
Lin rang also has this feeling,But he is very interested。
“What do you say to give gambling??”
Lao Taoji is incredible to watch the forest,I don’t know how this person is robbed.?
Is it a hard-working person??
“It seems that there is nothing about between Taoist’s rumble.;We ferry,Fightwork,More,Lost friends,Causal,Then there should be the causality,This is a gambling。”
Chapter 245
“You and I am,All open a game。”
Lin loud to understand what the old Taoist is talking about?。
have to say,This kind of gambling design is really unusual.。
Causes for a bet,Can be small。
can play。
“interesting。We use where to gamble?”
The old manager is proud of the beard,Think:
Really,When you play this old road,You are still born yet。
“For fairness,You and I have access to the nearest town。”
Lao Taoist will take a step first。