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Still breaking silence in summer,“Do you know that Victoria’s drops??”

“She should be fine。”
Monica voice is cold,The mouth is outlined,Soon disappear,Also,“Recent years,The bloody neutral party rises because of her,And she has a holy apparatus such as eating
,Not a few people can let her。”
Paused,Swift,“But,The Magic Party and Ministry of the Blood Party are more powerful,And the three party relationships are complex,Since she didn’t look for you to help,Explain that you don’t want you to fall into blood
Interior of the family,All,You are outsiders。”
Summer nodded,Silence。
“Summer,I want to talk to you.。”
“You said。”
Monica has a thin lips,“How do we cooperate again?,I will help you search for Victoria’s whereabouts.,You help me……”
She suddenly stopped the sound。
Because the summer is moving away,Look at the right side。
Lying in a few bodies there,Dress dress has no identity,All are Dark Parliament Darkness Dress。
Monica is also looking for,The pretty face immediately became difficult to look。
Summer, although I don’t know that the eight major masters of the East and the West last night,But these people who came to sneak their own,Already it illustrates many of the problems。
Which must have occurred unknown misfortune,Otherwise,Those who will not let their chance to kill。
“Monica,You saved my life,Although I also secretly do a lot of things to help you,But how is worth saving grace。”
Summer will see their eyes again to Monica,Look complicated,“If you are a private matter,I fire and water expense,Now you can talk about cooperation,It means you now
Parliament represents the will of the Dark。”
Toned,Also,“I believe you,But I do not believe the Dark Council……”
He played a hand,Until the desire to excuse Monica,“Be right,You are noble saint,But you still saint,Not the throne,A lot of things,You can not control a person
Over,Like last night,After the two men beside you in my Bidiao 李兰加洛斯 and Morris Vegas,They shot me。”
He looked straight Monica,The latter refers to four weeks,“Also as long ago,Holy See,Kinship with the wolf man,There are people you dark boards,All come,This is not you
You can control,Right。”
Monica’s look is more complicated,But it is words,No matter how to say。
She is a dark parliament。
But only this。
“But,You didn’t appear。”Summary suddenly laughed,“I am very happy.。”
After the end,Deep staring at each other,Turn and get rid of。
Wearing Monica with a trembling voice,Summer shape,Have not turned back。
“You kill so many people,And also grab the bloody angel spanner,They will not let you go.,You,You immediately return to Huaxia.。”
“Then let them come.,Try to see who is killing who。”
Say,Continue to walk。
Looking at his back,Among Monica heart full of contradictions,Alone in the forest,Looks like a poor。