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Gun sound。
There is still no stall。
With the muzzle spit Mars,When everyone is tense in the playground。
Everyone is big,Dead staring at the big screen。
One three-story small building in one thousand eight hundred meters,In the corridor,A person model is slowly moving,Flicker。
Just after he is about to move the obstacle,Suddenly,Head part of the frying。
Everyone greeted the beads,Balt。
“he……not human……”
Wang Xiaolong swallows his mouth,Muttering。
No one answer。
No one refutes。
Only deep shock。
The Yanjing Military Region stood up,Loudly。
His voice makes everyone suddenly awake,I also applauded。
They take their heads,The special warfare team of the entire playground is also applause。
People know,The new most powerful king is born。
As for Qin Hajun……No one cares。
Even if you are stupid, you can see it.,The gap between the two is too big.。
Even team members of the Dragon Teeth,Can’t justify this moment,Speak without saying。
This is the real powerful rolling。
When the summer stood back to the back,Qin Hajun played the third shot。
Eight-kilometer drones burned landing。
His mouth fell a little chopcrancing,Reproduction,Specifies wind speed and angle,At the same time, lift your eyes to the right。
He saw the figure returned in the summer。
After a glimpse,Qin Hajun can’t help but laugh,Ambiguous。
“Is it ugly??”
In his opinion,Summer is never possible to have a remote sniper.。
How does the gunn are better than yourself?,No record,Also means no slight effect,Will only add a laughter,Disorder。
Convergence,Stable heart god,Re-measure the wind speed,Fine-tuning angle……Qin Hajun’s looks。
After ten seconds,Fladder,He pulled the trigger。
Turn again。