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“Can,You come to Qin teacher to find me.。”

See the news of Li Hui Feng,Sun Yaru could not help but,Then there is a feeling of playing。
“what happened?
Not coming out?”
Lin City saw Sun Yaru’s face frustration,I have known the seven eight points in my heart.。
“Um,He seems to have not been interested in me.。”
“hehe,how is this possible?
You said that I am looking at him tonight.,I want to talk to him.,You see if he can’t come out.。”
Sun Yaru looked at Lincheng,She doesn’t understand what the medicine is selling.,But still do it according to the requirements of the other party.。
Li Hui Feng frowned to see Sun Yaru’s news,Then replied directly to a word。
“it is good”。
The second hundred and sixty-third chapter
See the news that Li Hui’s back,Sun Yaru is very surprised,But carefully think that it suddenly understands。
After all, I have already eaten a loss before the other side.,How can I go to eat the second time?。
Just when she is ready to send a message to Li with the wind,The door is suddenly someone informs Li Hui Hui to hurry to the school gate.。
At this time, the people in the class also saw the school gate.,There are also three or forty stories less.,And with the existence of these three or 40,More and more attention is also on the front.。
Li Hui is also a little curious.,After all, there is no acquaintance in Huashan City.,And also go to the school gate。
When he walked out of the teaching building,But I saw the door of the door.。
And also pull the banner“School sheltered students,Request to live a fair”,“Li Hui’s face is cruel in the face of the whole class.,Require rope”。
See these,Li Xiangxue smiled,Laughing very calm,Very calm。
Now he seems to understand that Zheng Tiancheng said to him.,It turned out that the other party seems to have already expected all this.。
“We want to see the principal,I want to see the students,We want a fair,Such a student can’t let him continue to go to school here.,It’s too terrible.。”
“Correct,We have to see this student with the principal.。”
Li Hui felt is very familiar with the few people in front.,Because he has seen a few people,But that a few people don’t care about him.。
“Several aunt uncle,Do you remember me??”
Li Hui, who suddenly appeared,Several people are also a glimpse,Where do they remember Li Hui。
“Hey-hey,You think about it,At the beginning, your son blocked me at the school gate.,When I am,Still you have a few of the ideas,forget?”
Will be reminded by Li Hui Feng,The middle-aged woman suddenly remembered。
Her son is practicing sports,So she never worry that my son is bullied.,Plus, there is also money at home.,From the small to my son, it is hundreds of people.,The son bully people are normal in her eyes.,The son is in the teacher’s face.,She suddenly wake up。
Can’t let your son become a buddy。
So when Li Hui’s face is said to,It is necessary to be a teacher’s face.,Hit people,At least you must wait for the teacher.,Then find a place with no one。
Just because of her reminder,After Li Hui has been blocked, it was blocked in a small alley by the other person.,Everything about all, remember clearly。