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“Be right,This three-generation water shadow will be folded in Shensha,It is completely wooden。

Before the revocation of the war,They clearly say that they will not participate.,Who knows a set of Ming,Behind the back。
Three generations,Really a hard trick,This hatred is in the village.,His day must be reported back。”
Three generations of fire this,Don’t do anything。
But people are hostile,Everything is considered from the village’s interests,I can’t say that he is doing wrong.。
At least three generations of fire this hand,Although the means is not very clean,But the face and ridge have。
They lose the least,And the biggest harvest is indeed,And they have indeed supported“ally”,Just just go slow.
Resource getting soft,Join“Vortex”Nine tail column,Also have fallen,And it is also equipped with the system“Seal and printing”。
For“Wooden leaf”this method,“Cloudy”Nature is also impossible to indifferent。Be“Five rushes”middle,The strength is not weak in the presence of wooden leaves,Being this way,Clouds are jumping instantly,Plan and leaves。
But understand diplomacy“Three generations”,I immediately sent a messenger,I negotiated and negotiated after the war.。
A large number of“Vortex”Sealing and printing,solved“Cloudy”Seal eight tails,It is compensated that after a little loss。
although“Cloudy”Remains uncomfortable,But ultimately“Wooden leaf”Handshake。
As for the other party of the battle“Foggy”,Wood leaves are only symbolic to give a little dental compensation,As for other one。
Very simple,exist“Wooden leaf”Look,“Foggy”There is currently no money to negotiate with them.。
“Tacklers seven people”completely annihilated,Even the shadow of a village“Three generations of water”Be dead,them“Foggy”What to do with people?
It is said that this world speaks with strength.,If you don’t have strength, you can only recognize ostrich.。
So the fog hidden high-rise,Although“Wooden leaf”Give them an insult to the anger,But but there is no choice but
Chapter 125 Sauce
Are you find a wooden??Do not make jokes,What is the fight?
They now“Foggy village”Be self-defeating,If it is not because geographical advantages,Fog village is around the sea,Not they play others,But others do they.。
The other side,After the end of the water is long, it will return to his family.,Just make your own people,Take a family spectrum。
And order“Water is not a month”Family,Talk to the collection here,Whether it is mixed,Or is there a pure blood of water, not a month,Talk must be reported。
Several elders in the fog hidden village today,Let the water don’t have a long time.。
In their family,Actually this shocking talent,And he didn’t know anything.?
And now is a special period,The other party actually has such strength,Rehearse“Seven tacklers”Bringing back to the village,this“Water shadow”s position,I can’t compete for it.。
And as long as their people are“Four generations”Later,them“Water is not a month”Status in the village,Naturally, the boat is high.。
This point from this point“Second generation of water vast ghost lights”The example can be seen。
Standing in the ghost light magic month“Second-generation water shadow”Time,They are ghost,At the time, even faintly“Fog hidden first big family”Momentum。
Even until today,them“Ghost”,Also“Foggy village”Chinese university。
And compare them“Ghost”,them“Water is not a month”It’s not enough to see it.。
Although the same“Ethnic group”,But they“Water is not a month”Almost all the advantages that are accumulated by the number。
For the blood?In fact, active“Ice”Family,Do not say bad,But the quantity is absolutely not much。
“Water is not a month、Water is not a month,Ten minutes later,Where is the collection?,Everyone must be present。”
Originally, the night is not a moonlight.“Selling tactics”,But the door is sound,But interrupted the interaction of the two。
“How can I want to call us?,Since the father and mother die,Our family has never been other people.。”
Water is not convinced of the night,The two of their sisters are very low.,The historians have fewer people.,Why do you think of them at this time??