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“Don’t be sad。”Night Qing cold。

“I see。”Lin Feng wrote a smile on his face:“Get up。”
Tiyin Yao and night cold two women nodded,I immediately finished the next dress.,Then I walked into a villa group on the shore of Nether Cateritan.。
The southern part of the Nether Caterway is swallowed with powerful airflow,The source of these three airflow is the tiger king,Golden big hizza and the evil turtle。
There are three long chairs in the shore of the normat.。
Tiger King,Evil turtle,The golden big snake is sitting on the chair swallowing the mist.,Unparalleled,There is a group of younger brother next to it.,Give three guys on tea,Smoke massage。
These people wrapped in Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Lin proud and others,Their eyes are looking at the void,One of the airflows in the void are constantly intertwined together,Chemical a small word。
The source of this gas stream is in the evil turtle。
The evil turtles give a few people to practice。
Now this group can say that the evil turtle from time to time,Tiger King,Golden rush to pull,Beautiful name,Semi-death every time,Bone broken into hundreds,Can be said to be miserable。
However, three guys are not tired。
Of course, the effect is also very obvious,These people’s practice fly forward,I have learned a lot of things,Especially this evil tall,Let everyone secretly admire。
Let everyone feel orally,A Xuanwu shouted,Constantly smoke。
“All right,Let’s go first.。”The evil turtle draws a few words:“Experience。”
“Yes,Xuanwu Ge!”
Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang and others heard a respectful road.。
“Golden Brother,Tiger,Wholly。”Then everyone greeted the tiger king and the golden dragon.,Then I went on。
“He is back。”Golden big snake looks at the void。
“good,Master coming。”Draw a few words with the evil turtle slowly。
“I will know that he is a small strong。”Tiger King draws a few words。
A terrible power,A shadow is like a lightning, I came to the golden big tack and the tiger king.,Direct two feet,Suddenly the golden big python and the tiger king’s body fly into the empty。
The two guys sent a tragic voice.,Then I fell into the Nether Cold Tan.。
“I rubbed!”
“Your sister,Lin Feng!”
The golden big puppet and the tiger king have climbed up in the cold pool.,Draw a few words。
“Ha ha……”Sound of a solar laugh,The people are Lin Feng,Lin Feng looked at this golden dragon and the tiger king.,I can’t help but come up and have two feet.,So just like this。
Golden big tack directly out huge tail,Turn to a horrible force to the figure of Lin Feng。