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Chujiang jade shook his head,Bare to squeeze a smile,Look at the summer,I looked at Liu Qingqing next to it.,Smile,“I met someone today.,only……”

Summer is curious,Even some gossip,“A woman?”
Chu Jiangyu has some accidents,There is no concealment,Nodded,“I am young,At that time, Huaxia has not found the country.,At that time, there was a woman in Qinghai.,There are a lot of people who like her.,I am just one of them.。”
Don’t look at Chujiang jade surface looks only five or sixty years old.,But the real age is scary。
But Liu Qingqing did not pay attention to this detail,It is curious to ask,“You have met her today.?”
“no,The woman I met today is just like she grows.,Do not,It’s too like.,It is simply a mold.。”
Chujiang jade smiles and shakes his head,“But she is very young,Only 20 years old,I will be her future generation.。”
“Then you have not touched?”Summer eyes burned the fire of gossip,“Grandfather,This is a fate.,Maybe you can continue the leading edge?。”
“This child。”Chu Jiang Yu,“I am like this.,What is the leading edge?,Moreover, I have only seen it with her.。”“what?You are……Secret love。”
NS885chapter Two roads you choose
After eating,Summer is chatted with Chujiang Yu,Tour to 9:00,He left the villa。
A taxi,Strand part of the suburbs。
Since I found Bai Xu,He won’t be ignored。
Always,Everything done in summer,Regardless of your friend or the enemy,All abide by the rules。
Why have some people touch the bottom line again,
He allows yourself,Can be revenge in any method,No matter the conspiracy,He is also,Life and death。
But these people have repeatedly threatened their friends.,This makes it a long time in the summer.。
Not talk about the rules?
He also!
Even more crazy。
Although he doesn’t know how Bai Xu hides what you want to do.,But in the summer, you don’t mind in advance to remove this hidden danger.。
All the way。
About 40 minutes later,Taxi came to the Eastern Subcommittee,Pay off,After a walk from a distance alone,Summer stop in a shabby courtyard。
No hesitation,He jumped into the hospital partition.,Alert,Look at the most middle room。
Take a big step,Push the door。
Entrust,Summer stunned。
Bright light in the room,Very space,But under this light,But standing more than a dozen foreign big men。
These big men are burly one by one,悍,Cold and cold,It’s not ordinary people at first glance.,But that kind of blood,Even people who live in hand。
the most important is,Everyone is in the hands of a micro-impression。
“hehe,Hey-hey,Ha ha ha ha!”
Crazy laughter。
The most center of a chair,Bai Xu is sitting there,Eyelid,Grievances stare at the summer,“Small hybrid!I say……I am waiting for you for a long time.,Do you believe it?”
Do not give the summer opening opportunity,His face is twisted,With a murderous murderous,Establishing a madness in a hous。
“shot,kill him!Give me a kill him!”
Speech,In the roar of the room echoed,More than a dozen cold big people did not hesitate to pull the trigger。
“Da da da……”