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Leader arrogance,Autumn lack,Ice cone,The haunted half of the magic cliffs is disconnected.,Their figure is rapid,Turn into a lightning flash to shoot four-sided eight parties。

This power is in the mountain,The speed is faster than their escape.,Carrying a devastating airflow。
Huge power is in this moment into a wolf vain,Wolf imaginary shadow,Both the brighter with scarlet light,Yang Tian Wangzhi’s Taiyin Star,动 片 大 地,With a thrilling power。
This force makes all half-holy feels the breath of death。
“All the god map!”
Leader arrogant,That all the gods fly crazy,At the same time,A vast force is like a stars,Directly entered the temples。
other27Half-level people together,Zhang mouth,Spit out a terrible force into the temple。
Zhu Tian Diagram Light Bloom。
A powerful,Excluding a stunned big hand reached out from the gods,This big hand is smashed to the wolf vain。
The wolf fictitious shadow quickly grabbed the sky again,It’s like a peerless wolf of a god.,With the breath of the world,Pedal,Protecting sharp paw。
make a fist!
A unparalleled domineering rising。
brutal,A fierce,tyrannical,Bloodthirsty airflow emerges,This punch is a scarlet,Directly pamped into the big hand。
A powerful and trembling devastating airflow hits together,Big hand crash,Scarlet’s fist directly inserted from the big hand,Then, he hit it on the top of the gods.。
Zhu Tian’s god map is directly flying out,Zhu Tian’s appearance came to the depths of the sound。
However, this scarlet’s fist is still not seeing.,Sway28Half-level person。
Leader arrogance,Autumn lack,Ice cone,Magic Cliff, etc.28The characters who respect the half-holy level have changed。
Scarlet’s fist suddenly fell,Turn into a sky, blood, rain,These blood rins are like a gods.,With the sound of the gods,Directly inserted from these half-holy。
Suspected sound,These half-level characters have been hit by this horrible force.,Each body with blood cave,Flowing into a scarlet blood。
Then, these half-holy have been in the void of a few tensiles.,Each face is pale。
Torle is arrogant and cold,The eyes are dead, staring at the greedy star.。
“Double greedy wolf killing star!”Leader arrogant,He big hands,A broken voice。
It is that all the gods。
However, this day, the god map has not fallen in his hand.,The greed of the greedy star has emerged an overbearing power.,This power is a world,Sweep,Directly impact on the gods。
Put the words of the days directly。
A golden ray rose from the empty,This golden ray seems to stand in a Buddha,With immortal power,This is a shadow,Hefang,With an extremely breath。
He reached out,Put the people in the hand,And behind the air to another。
Congratulations throughout the process,No slim sloppy。
Leader arrogant,His figure gave up,Like lightning。
“Thunder world!”
Leader arrogant devastating airflow,A punch,这 道,This fist is almost full。