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save you?

How to save?
Ye Nantian is full of eyes,The middle has been occupied by the wild wolf.,Indulgent。
This group of wolves is also national secondary protected animals,They can’t come messy,This causes them to be helpless!
“Boss,Let’s drive away them.?”
Chen Tian is on the side,Can’t help but say,“Don’t drive away,We can’t go,The few people in the middle are afraid to be shredded by the wolves and tigers.。”
Drive away?
Ye Nan Tian heard this,A while。
These wild wolves are watching very warm,sit on the floor,A human animal is harmless,But if they dare to do,Then no one knows that these wild wolves will do something over?。
By the time,Can these police officers can be spared??
I am afraid I can’t!
That is also satisfied!
“hold on,Did Wang Ting not have people who have been playing with animals??”
Ye Nan Tian said:“If you can communicate with animal,We can get in touch with the wild wolf.。”
only……Chen Tian and others do not agree with this disease。
“Boss,You really have trust Wang Ting’s gimmick.!”
Chen Tianyi speechless,“That is definitely a lie.,How do you also believe!”
“I think it is definitely false.!”
“that is,Not a professional animal trainer,How to communicate with animal!”
“The anchor of the live broadcast is,Most are falsified!”
Some police officers left all said,For the so-called Xuan Ge,No confidence,It’s all don’t have hope。
“Wait again!”
Ye Nan Tian is a bit curious,So just want to wait,In case there is an unexpected surprise?!
Field,A wolf king and the tiger king are confront,No one will let?,A strong,Rotating circle,Anyway, I don’t do it.。
If they don’t fight, even if you fight.,I always turn around Zhang Xing and others.,I am a big jump。
“Depend on,These two guys think about it.!”
Qi Lei couldn’t help but a sentence,Bold,I have been screaming,Don’t do it。
“Be no bad,Really play,We all followed!”
Chen Feihu said that he did not say good.。
These people are still unfounded,Just a wolf king and a tiger king,Really play,The same can be small.?
So big space,It is not enough for them to toss,They don’t follow these people?
“What should I do??”
Niu Xiong is a bit annoying,Can’t help but say:“I can’t always go.!”
“Are you watching the police?,They should think of ways!”