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Six white lights concealed into the huge furnace。
“(⊙.⊙)”Yan Ruyu was really shocked by the veteran show operation,He just wanted to spray:“Sister’s old way,You’re so good,Who taught you this?”
of course,He is not thinking about being old-fashioned,But the older the better,The more flustered his heart,because,This represents his future‘opponent’Equally strong。
This is a hand-picking sun and moon,The world of stars,Old-fashioned wave,Can be fossilized as a furnace,Recast the broken sword of yesteryear。
Then,Confucianism,Warlock,Where is Buddhism?
Ok,This is a wonderful world,Various fairy methods emerge in endlessly,But the sad thing is,He is still just a fledgling child,And the more sad thing is,Now everyone knows‘Tao Palace’The mountain gate opened,He is the new Taoist priest。
“Look,Master Yan is about to make a sword!”
“Is it the Taoist refining technique??”
“Domineering words,Day of Broken Sword Reforged,When the King returns,Master Yan, this is a sign,He wants to become the new king!”
The foxes talked。
“Become the new king?I’m not,I do not have,Freeze said!”Yan Ruyu was shocked,Just ready to explain,Suddenly a figure jumped out from a crack not far away。
No need to guess,It’s Huang Yuanyuan, who was taken underground by the old road just now。
“This is a sixth-grade drama master?What kind of system does the dictator belong to?Oh,I do not know……But I can’t let her run away。”Yan Ruyu feels anxious。
And at this moment,Huang Yuanyuan’s foot is stomped again。