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Over the phone,Zhou Rui’s grievances came slowly,“Is the work bad??”

Suddenly,All my anger went out。
From marriage to now,She is in our relationship,Always in a strong position,I rarely get angry with her。
And she,Not a person who will easily show weakness to others。
I suddenly heard her aggrieved tone,Makes me feel uncomfortable。
“Correct。”I whispered,“Are you okay?”
“No。”Zhou Rui was silent for a moment,Then continued,“So many days,You never called me,I want to ask how you are now。”
“I’ll be back in a few days。”I said。
Zhou Rui“Ok”With a,“Hung up,go to bed early。”
She didn’t wait for me to finish,Just hung up。
Keep the phone aside,I lay on the bed。
The joy of getting along with Yao Yun,I was called by Zhou Rui at this moment,Completely mixed up。
at night,I lay in bed for a long time and couldn’t sleep。
When I woke up the next morning,I prepared my luggage,Then came to Yao Yun’s room,Knocked on the door for a long time,She didn’t open。
This makes me very shocked。
She won’t do anything?