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“For your face,Just mean it,I don’t care about the millions。”

Liu Tang was surprised,Said:“boss Zhang,Millions don’t care anymore?Do you know how much money my husband has?He has tens of billions of assets,You don’t care about millions,Husband doesn’t care much。”
Liu Tang, who has been in the society since childhood, understands,Really took advantage of Mr. Zhang,There will be a price,Lei Tianzi will definitely not agree,By then,Mr. Zhang’s life is in danger。
She didn’t want President Zhang to die,Wake up specially,Maybe Liu Tang is so beautiful,To the point where a man can change his life,Mr. Zhang actually followed:“Nothing,I said it was free,It has nothing to do with your husband who has money or no money。”
Lei Tianzi’s face is ugly,Qiao Huiru held his arm tightly,Prevent Lei Tianzi from suddenly killing,Lei Tianzi killed the Xiyue faction alone,Bring a huge shock to the people around him,Has included Lei Tianzi“Most dangerous”On the list。
Since it is really free,Liu Tang is also welcome,Some people die by themselves,Die not pity,She asked the waiter to help deliver three rough jadeite stones to the pickup truck sent by Mr. Zhang,Because the stone is too heavy,Used a forklift。
Arrived at the hotel,Lei Tianzi gave the waiter the hard work,Then ask the truck driver to buy cigarettes,Wait for the driver to return,Three rough jadeite stones weighing two tons are gone,Tianzi Lei said he asked the workers to move away,Send the driver back。
Three people go back to the room,Liu Tang can’t wait to hold a small bowl to give to Lei Tianzi,Said:“Husband,Take a look,what is this?”
Tianzi Lei didn’t do it directly,Said:“You are all immortal cultivators,I will definitely use it,I will talk about the use and identification of the speaker,Most of this stuff is universal,Such as directly entering mana,Then you can defend or attack,If you don’t accept mana,Then try a drop of blood to recognize the Lord,If you succeed,There will be a sense of connectedness,If the blood fails,You have to check if there is a brand of consciousness left by the former owner,If there is a mark made by the predecessors,Then use fire,This practice is called sacrifice,The sacrifice was successful,To recognize the Lord,Some artifacts need to be stimulated with other materials,What material is it,Really bad,Maybe flooding,Maybe it’s burning。”
Qiao Huiru and Liu Tang are listening carefully,These words are all experience,I will buy a magic weapon by myself in the future.!Can’t always rely on Lei Tianzi。
Lei Tianzi once said,Many people in the cultivating world do their own cultivation,Groping slowly,Always rely on others, the road is too narrow。
Liu Tang inputs mana to Xiaowan,Soon,The little bowl releases flowers,Liu Tang exclaimed happily:“Became,Became,Oops,It must be a colorful bowl,Actually swollen,Haha……Same as husband’s。”
Lei Tianzi’s face turned black,I know what organ Liu Tang thought of,Qiao Huiru is not quite clear,I vaguely feel that this is something,I quickly glanced at Lei Tianzi’s crotch。
Even Qiao Huiru showed a little abnormality,Tianzi Lei also noticed it,I took the opportunity to touch Qiao Huiru’s chest。