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The relationship between people depends on events and time to increase or decrease,Emperor Lei deliberately favored Xuanyuan Dandan,Plus superb methods,It will be sooner or later to take her down。

Taoist Temple is a room prepared in advance,But no one wants to live here,Lei Tianzi was unwilling to enter Taoist temple,Wait a while,I guess Xuanyuan Dandan has calmed down,Just said:“Anyway, we have nothing to do,Go dig the fairy crystal mine!”
“Wait until your people come back!”Xuanyuan Dan said calmly。
“Let’s go and see first!”Lei Tianzi said nonchalantly。
“No way,Have to wait until your people come back,There are many sanctuary powerhouses,And you two can’t mine!”Xuanyuan Dandan still insisted on his own ideas and said。
“Then send a message to Man Man,Let her come back。”Emperor Lei said to Lei Lan。
They had made some arrangements before they came to the upper realm,For example, we formed a formation of 900,000 people,Xu Na is a military commander、Zhai Jun、Zuo Yan、Man Man,There are a thousand sergeants who are strong in the sanctuary,This is the military commander’s direct troops,therefore,Man Man and others leave Taoist temple,Also took away their subordinates。
If Lei Tianzi summoned Long Ji,That’s using researchers,Long Ji needs to bring her men over。
According to the number of people,The number of researchers is relatively large,There are only 10,000 sanctuary powerhouses in the combat force,Researchers are generally not involved in combat operations。
Man Man flew back soon,Didn’t ask what happened,Follow Lei Tianzi and fly in one direction,All her subordinates hide in the fairy space。
Xuanyuan Dandan saw Man Man came back,I am very fond of this female fairy who has an upside-down face,Because Man Man is not only a pretty face,And has an approachable face,Everyone thinks I can get close to her。
If it weren’t for Man Man’s cultivation base,,Status honor,Maybe it got mixed up,In the Thunder Team,Man Man is the most popular general。
Xuanyuan Dandan talks with Man Man,It’s all interesting facts about the upper continent,What’s the matter with the emperor?,The two female fairies talked closer and closer,I’m finally in love with my sisters。
Xuanyuan Dandan took them to change two large-scale teleportation formations across the stars,Xuanyuan Dandan has a lot of face in Upper Realm,The immortal cultivator guarding the teleportation formation also did not check whether Lei Tianzi and others’ immortal space contained people.,Only charged the delivery fee for four people。
Finally they entered the starry sky,Flew five days and five nights in the dark starry sky,At least nine billion kilometers away,Finally came to a huge death star。
Xuanyuan Dandan pointed at the distant death star and said:“There is a group of robbers here,More than one billion people,Although it’s a poor place,But abundant supplies,You robbed this band of bandits,The fairy crystal that should be able to pay for the birthday of Lord Moon God。”
Lei Tianzi nodded,Said to Man Man:“let’s start,Don’t leave one。”