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“Hello there,Where is the fire exit?”

Bai Lin decided to climb up,Although it has been14floor,But it’s nothing in front of money,So I asked the security guard。
Uncle looked at Bai Lin incredulously,“Lad,Think about it,Nowhere to go。”
Bai Lin thinks that Uncle Security thinks his puffy body is not strong enough,Explained,“Okay uncle,I can。”
Uncle shook his head,Pointed him down,Bai Lin doesn’t care about three seven twenty one,Fly over。
however,Wait for him to climb14floor,Breathless,But desperately found:The corridor door is locked,Can’t open it from him——It turns out that this is the obstetrics and gynecology department,Special department,Most people are not allowed in,There is no other entrance except the elevator。
Bai Lin understands what Uncle Security meant just now,no way,Had to run back dingy1floor,Requeue,Tossing for more than half an hour,Just got upstairs。
There is a guard in front of the ward,Stop except for family members,Bai Lin, I called and asked the other party to pick it up,After the man learned that I was upstairs,Promised very simply,Showed up soon——Suit and leather shoes,Doesn’t look like a patient at all,Needless to say,Actually family members,Lied to be a patient,I’m afraid of waiting in line for the elevator。
This order made him very depressed,It took almost an hour before and after,Unit price is not high,Very uneconomical。
There are also two types of neighborhoods that are equally uneconomical——Too advanced,Or too old。
Too high-end community,Registration is usually required at the door、Swipe the elevator,Community not allowed to enter,I can only trot all the way“walk”,Send it down,Not much faster than the hospital。
Not to mention the too old community,There is no elevator on the seven or eight floors,Climbing up and down is commonplace,Worse,Unpredictable will encounter renovation construction。
One night I went to an old community to deliver food,Just catching up with road construction there。
The rain is floating in the sky,The trail is muddy,There are pits dug on both sides,Not even a street light,Bai Lin walked in fear,Finally ride the car into the community,But I can’t find the building number。